Disk Empty?

I am trying to DVDs. I just put together a new pc and had to install windows 2000 until more funds are available. At first I was recieving an error that said that there was no decoder for windows 2000 installed. I installed Divx6, Nero6, Windows Media Player9 and Cyberlink. The error finally went away but now when I try to copy the dvd it tells me it is blank. When I first put the dvd in cyberlinks player plays it. I do get an error about no audio but that should only affect playing it on the pc not burning. I am running a Pentium D 3.4 ghz, 1 gig ddr2 pc 5300, 40 gig maxtor ide drive, gigabyte GA-8I945g-pro mobo. Any ideas? Oh I am also running AnyDvd in the background which I have noticed that when I load up Cyberlink my AnyDvd icon grays out like there is no dvd but when I shut it down it comes back?

??? what does this mean? did you mean “play”?