Disk Drive Issues

I recently got a new Gateway w/Vista but the DVD Drive does not recognize my disks that I recorded using XP (mostly avi files but also pictures and wallpapers as well). The drive either comes up as blank (but it recognizes the name of the disk), with some of the many folders supposedly empty, or in some cases completely normal! The drive I have is a TSST TS-H652D Drive. I’ve downloaded codecs, Divx, everything I could think of. The Samsung site does not have a firmware for this drive either. I’, at a complete loss as to how to prceed. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate it greatly!

what media did u burn the data to ? :slight_smile:

You most likely need to upgrade the firmware for your dvd rom. Had the same problem earlier this week. Did check the gateway site for updates. Instead of pulling my hair out I just bought another dvd rom and all was well. :cool:

I’m not sure what you mean in terms of “what media”

What he means is, who makes the dvds that you used? Download Dvd Identifier and it will let you know what really makes the dvds; as opposed to just, Memorex, TDK, etc. Lastly, did you finalize or close the dvds?

I used Memorex, TDK and eventually Sony. A Also I finalized most of the disks, but sometimes the drive would recognize files on an unfinished disk.

What dvd drive did you buy Dabull101? What’s generally the best one?

I purchased a Lite on Dvd Rom LH-16D1P, reads all of old disks with no problems