Disk Does not Play in Standalone DVD

Why does my backed up DVD play in my computer but not in my standalone DVD player?

Sony DW-D26A JYS3
16x Verbatim DVD-R MCC 03RG20
standalone Apex AD- 1010w

Software used: DVD FAb platinum, DVD Fab Gold

Hi Shannon! Welcome to the forum. Some standalone players prefer either +r or -r dvd’s, and the quality of the media you are using can have an effect on the playability of the disk. The software you use, copy protection, can all be a factor. Is the dvd in question, a movie? Your DVD player appears to support a wide range of media, so I would suggest you try different software. I use DVDSHRINK and DVDCRYPTER to backup all my movies. Others use ANYDVD with CLONEDVD, and a wide variety of other solutions.

Thanks for the response Rob. It is a movie disc. I will try out some different software.