Disk cloning software



Is there anything out there except Norton Ghost? I am about to buy a new HDD and I want to copy the whole partition with my XP PRO OS to that new drive, so I don’t have to reinstall the whole software package I’ve got here.

Which one is simple, fast and maybe even free?
I am about to clone SATA disks (WD1600JD on WD Raptor 36,4). Any ideas?


You can try Acronis True Image http://www.acronis.com/ it’s not free but in my opinion does its job very good.


Okay, a sub-question is provided … Will I be forced to re-activate my Windows copy after the cloning and booting the OS from my new drive? I need to know this, because I have a MSDN-AA copy of XP, so if there will be a need for re-activation, I have to contact the admin.

Anyone experienced that before?


Thanks, man! I am already checking it out. :wink:


i’d go for acronis TI aswell


try this link, to see if you can get the free version of ATI 7, register it, then you get an email with an offer to upgrade to V10 for cheeper, $29.99, saves buying it for $49.99 (it may also be on there site, so registering it online and looking in your ATI account to see if the offer is there)

if it says the offer is unavailable, try again, as somebody else had to try a few times to get version 7, then upgrade :wink:

only buy it from acronis or some of there resellers, as theres some sites that give everybody that buys it the same serial number. you won’t have this problem if you go through the link i provided

heres a link to the dodgy companies

there is also a free version of another program

Paragon Drive Copy 8 Personal SE

there are also other free software on the left hand side of this link



if it’s already activated, i don’t think it will need re-activated