Disk cleanup wizard xp

i have my swap file set up as a separate partition from my windows install, and everytimei reboot, without fail, it informs me that it has run out of space on that partition, and i should run the wizard. all i really need to do is tell it to empty the recycle bin, and it stops, but im looking for a more elegant, fixes it permanently solution.

tweakui.exe from MS. download it. install it. it has an option to disable low disk space messages

Disable Low Disk Space Notification.

To turn off the low disk space notification, which cannot be done through the XP GUI, open Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and navigate to the following location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

Add a Dword Value called NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and set the Data Value to 1 to turn it off.

Disable Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

Right click the Desktop, Click Customize Desktop on the Desktop tab and then disable the Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard option.

i have done all those on my machine to run better

and use this program


to automattically empty recycle bin on exit

hope those help in what you wanting to do …

or you can go into properties of recyle bin and just set it to more than 10 percent


the recycle bin wasnt an issue, it was all that i could really fix, as 756 mb of a 764 mb drive were dedicated to the swap :P. thank you for the solutions, though.

If your paging file is on the same physical drive as the OS, you gain nothing by having it in it’s own partition. In fact, you may be losing some performance as the drive head has to move to access it. Also, as the paging file partition is no doubt on the inside of the platter, it’s slower than if it were on the outside of the platter where “C” drive is located.
You only need to defrag the paging file and set the initial and max sizes the same to get the same benefits as having it in the separate partition.
Windows uses the paging file all the time for logging and other system tasks, (about 5MB of it is in use at all times), so your drive is being forced to constantly seek and access the file. Even if you keep a smal file on the system partition, Windows is stupid, and will try to access BOTH files at the same time, (2.5MB here and 2.5MB there). Also, if your file is on a NTFS volume in it’s own partition, don’t forget to leave room for the MFT.

If it’s on a separate physical drive, there’s no real need for a separate partition either, just set initial and max sizes the same, and if possible locate it near the outside of the platter. (1st part of the drive). Also be sure to keep about 10MB on the system partition.

its on a separate hard drive, i keep it as its own partition so that i can mount the other 2 partitions on the drive easily.

i researched a little before i did it, but not enough to know everything i needed to do. thanks for the advice :smiley: