"Disk-At-Once" vs "Disk-At-Once/96"

Hi, I’ve been trying to make a copy of an mp3 song to a disk with Nero (latest one) and I don’t know if I’m doing this wrong 'cause the song is 88 minutes long and when it gets to 80 it stops recording. I know that my recorder can do at least 90 minutes because I’ve done another audio disk with mp3 songs that long. The thing is that the 90 minute disk I made successfully was with several songs and the one I’m trying now is just one long song, sooo… I don’t know if it’s THAT or if it’s “Disk-At-Once” vs “Disk-At-Once/96”. The two last times (coasters) I’ve used “Disk-At-Once/96” and I’m not sure if the one I did correctly was with “Disk-At-Once” or the other.
¿Isn’t “Disk-At-Once/96” supposed to be for non-standard disks?
Or maybe it’s because I’ve changed in Nero’s preferences the maximum writable to 106 minutes,… but since I’m not going so far… I’ve even tried to do it with 100 minute CDRs and still to 80 minutes! Why is it doing that if it has worked before?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but I’d thank you If you’d give me some advise befor I ruine another CD :confused:

Disc At Once/96 would write all the EDC/ECC infos, I’m not the expert on all these modes but I think plain DAO will work.

go to
-expert features
-en-able doa overburn and ajust how much you want to overburn

I’ve already done all that. Please read ALL the text.

oops…yes chef…i will next time…

guess your drive doesn’t support cd bigger then 80 min

Ok… once again… I have done a 90 minute disk before and I don’t know what is the cause of it not doing it anymore. Don’t you know how to read? ¿?¿?¿? dough…

hmm…i think i can’t do it any more …the reading

did you re-install your software? (and yes…i read it 2 times now…sorry)

are this disks other then before (other brand)?

I am not familiar with your drive, so i dont know its overburning capabilities first hand. Taking it that you’ve overburned up to 90min before, i guess it can go that far.

You can not overburn with tao, both dao and dao/96 should be ok for overburning though. As BadReligion already mentioned, plain dao will just fine. You should get no coaster due to this parameter. Are the media you’re using capable of handling overburning?

Just do an overburning test with Nero CD Speed and see how far it goes. Theres no reason why it could do overburning in the past and not now, other than media. It would be better to use the latest Nero and firmware for your drive.

HI. thanks for the info and sorry if I’ve been a little rude but since I have my final exams now I get frustrated easily.
I’ll try with normal DAO instead of DAO96.
Lets see if now it works :slight_smile:

PD: Media was 100minutes.

Ciao! :wink:

it is ok…examns give a bit of tension…

set nero to standard settings (yellow-red zone)
but enable overburn (eg 92 minutes)

it will be ok since you will be using a 90min cd

*write and close disk after buring

  • use Dao
  • write speed: no more than 8x

and burn with overburn when it asks…

must work, i did it that way a few times

DAO96 is just plain RAW mode. It helps to fix problems if (and only if) the firmware is buggy and does not behave correctly in cuesheet-DAO mode.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Originally posted by heffeque
Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this mean that you burned your disc correctly?

I haven’t tried yet, I still have too many exams. I’ll have you informed.