Disintegrated disc in 52327S

Hi all:

I am planning to flash my Sony CRX230E to Lite-on 52327S. Has anybody
ever had a disintegrated disc in the drive because of 10000 RPM?


Is the question about firmware update or instable disk rotation resulting in broken pieces inside drive? Faster rpm speeds can cause it but it’s extremely rare and caused by wrong disks, I think, like a disk with very serious physical defects. Maybe scratches caused by knives.

No, this is not really about the firmware upgrade.

I was simply trying to be careful, and get an idea how common it is. I tend
to think that Sony was overcautious to limit the speed of the drive, and looking
for confirmation from the forum.

High RPM doesn’t shatter discs, faulty discs shatter themselves. The main reason that Sony lowered speeds was to control noise.

My 52327S has never shattered a disc. My 52246S shattered a game disc once. It was rotating at full speed for at least 1/2 hour, and it was an old disc.

Consumer hard drives merely spin at 7200 rpm, I don’t think optical drives spin nearly as fast? Not to mention the faster 10000 rpm

52x is around 11000 RPM