DISH videos to DVD


I just started ripping videos from my DISH DVR with PVRExplorerPro and that works great!

I’ve used NeroVision to make all my DVDs up till now, but I have a problem using it with these videos.

The problem is that Smart Encoding won’t work with the videos. If I wanted re-encoding, I’d just copy directly from the DVR to my set-top DVD recorder.
Nero Smart Encoding would work, but Nero in their infinite wisdom, refuses to Smart Encode videos that don’t comply with the “written” DVD standards. i.e Nero doesn’t want mad customers if Smart Encoding was used to create DVDs that no player could play.

The DISH videos are 544x480 MPEG2s at standard NTSC frame rates. People burn them onto DVDs every day without re-encoding and they play perfectly on virtually every player made. Unfortunately, the way they do that is to use specific seperate programs for editing, DVD authoring and burning. Blah!!!

So, I’m looking for how to patch/hack NeroVision to bypass the artificial roadblocks they coded in.


What earlier version of NeroVision might work (I heard rumors of prior versions that let you specify custom values for Smart Encoding).


Some other program instead of NeroVision that will edit/author (and hopefully burn) in one pass and is reasonably easy to use.