DISH TV - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico



Ok, here is my first post and hopefully the right place to get some difficult questions answered.

I live in Playa del Carmen, MX part of the year and use Sky Satellite TV service.
My problems is that the service is really geared for a Spanish speaking audience and regrettably I do not fit that category. So you might say, why expect an English based satellite provider given your choice to live in Mexico. Well the answer in short, is that I am a spoiled English speaking citizen.

On to my question:

My question is, if I purchase a Dish Satellite in the US, bring it to Mexico, will I be able to “point” the dish and get satellite reception. And if I get a signal, can I active the Dish system in Mexico.

Thanks for any and all responses!!



Welcome to CDF’s:

I really don’t know for sure but i would think so yes. You would just point it like you said at the correct satellite. You are talking about Dishnetwork right?