Dish reaches Fox agreement, Cablevision still blacked-out

Dish reaches Fox agreement, Cablevision still blacked-out.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Dish Network has averted the Fox blackout scenario that Cablevision has been dealing with for the past two weeks by agreeing to a new contract with Fox parent-company News Corp before the existing one expired at the end of this month.

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I am not a member of Cablevision, but I applaud them for what they are doing. It’s about time someone stuck up to all the corporate greed. Cablevision is obviously not going to pay more than they did when they signed the contract. Fox is trying to extort more money and CV is refusing. As for the governements non involvment in this, Fox is EXTORTING more money, and with the FCC turning their back, they are in essence backing Fox and not the subscribers or if you will, the people. “There is no word on the specific terms agreed upon in the new contract, but Dish had originally claimed that Fox was asking for a 50 percent increase in their programming fees.” Go ask your bosses for a 50 percent increase in pay, and see how that goes for you. Someone needs to burn DC to the ground so we can start over. (Preferably with all memebers of government there.)