Dish Network wants 30 day Hulu delay for new episodes

Dish Network wants 30 day Hulu delay for new episodes.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Instead of blaming factors like their own failure to evolve and lengthy network blackouts due to contractual disputes, the executives at Dish Network have decided to blame internet TV service Hulu for their decline in subscribers.

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I think Syfy has already realized they are losing paid subs thanks to Hulu they have already changed to a 30 day delay on all their shows.

“If I can watch Glee tomorrow morning and I don’t have to pay a pay TV service –- I think that’s bad,” Eisen told his peers"

Isn’t this already on free OTA channels??

Hulu is making it too easy for people to watch new network programming, thus giving them less incentive to pay.

Ah yes, that’s indeed very strange behaviour of consumers. It seems every time the consumer can get the exact same product cheaper at some other place, they will go to that other place and put actually effort into accessing that other place. It’s a very weird pattern…


Do what I did, I cancelled Comcast, use DSL and get all media from online. Saves me roughly 60 bucks a month, that I used in buying legit software that can record streaming media. As of now, this is not illegal and I’m still getting over on “Whitey”. Also, some cable companies will give you a free email account, or keep them open, and you can still access online programming through, you guessed it, Comcasts own site.

[QUOTE=paulw2;2554892]“If I can watch Glee tomorrow morning and I don’t have to pay a pay TV service –- I think that’s bad,” Eisen told his peers"

Isn’t this already on free OTA channels??[/QUOTE]

I honestly don’t think most people realize they can still get free over-the-air programming. Or that most of it’s in HD.

Good grief . . . it’s always “the web’s fault” . . .

Gee, we should all go back to driving horse & buggies so that we can save the buggy whip industry!
Sorry, but I have no sympathy for industries like cable TV and other former monopolies who think they are the only game in town and could care less about serving their customers.
So they have some competition and don’t know how to respond.
Try giving real customer service, like having a human being answer the phone when you have a problem, rather then subjecting their customers to dealing with voice mail hell, then they might find out that “real” customer service is good business, and they will stop losing market share.
Reasonable pricing would also help.

Amen, Joseph. Great analogy. I’ve wondered for a long time why Dish didn’t try to be more competitive with Netflix. For $18 a month I get 3 DVDs at a time and turn around time when I send back disks is about 48 hours. Plus it has tons of streaming content and almost all of the documentaries I love to watch that cannot be found on pay channels or local movie rental outlets. Why would I pay $4.99 per movie on Dish? At the $18 price, that’s less than 4 movies per month from a small selection when I could feasibly get and watch 12 movies for that same price from Netflix. Dish Network’s answer? You can get it from US 28 days earlier!! I couldn’t care less. Now if they offered the movies at $1.99 a viewing, I’d probably buy movies from them. At $4.99, they get zero extra dollars from me. It’s the classic syndrome of many large corporate interests - we want our share of the market at the price we demand. This same mentality killed IBM computer sales when Dell and Gateway came onto the market - a hard-headed refusal to recognize the competition and actually compete.