Dish Network, HDTV (no tuner), coaxial hookup

Hello, I need quick help

I got 3 TVs in the house

  1. Philips HDTV (with tuner)
  2. Westinghouse HDTV (with no tuner)
  3. cheap SDTV

Two Dish Network receivers, one HD DVR, second SD DVR.

HD DVR is connected in the same room as Philips HDTV, used for Picture-in-Picture.

Now the SD DVR, is located upstairs in beedroom connected to the SDTV. A single Coaxial cable goes downstairs to the Westinghouse HDTV.

Here is the problem, Westinghouse has no tuner, I can’t connect coaxial to it.

What solution could i use?
Could i use something like this?
to convert the Coaxial cable from Dishnetwork DVR to Component?

Please help.

First dishnetworks boxes sd/hd are two tuner
signal boxes. The way they work is you have a
coaxial line on the box for remote one and remote two
the signal is sent ifra red to the other T.V. using uhf
channels either 26,or 73. First check on your box
that is supposed to send the signal to T.V. 2 by pressing
menu,then go to system set up,and see if it’s set for
T.V. 1 AND T.V. 2 dual mode. If it is and your still getting
a blank screen. You can call dishnetwork and they can
help with the steps to troubleshoot calling their tech help.