Dish Network DVR?

  1. did the drive power up while in the DVR?
  2. I assume from your post your PC uses a sata connector also?
  3. I assume you are using the power supply from your PC to power the hard drive?
  4. I assume you are running the PVR program that is needed to read and process the files on the DvR hardrive as a windows OS will not recognize a Linux OS?

I can give you a few suggestions on how to possibly get the drive to spin up removing some diodes if you have confirmed that when powered properly it does not spin up?

HDD will powerup fine in DVR, can record etc…

I have 4 sata HDDs, shut down, unpluged one HDD, pluged in the DVR drive, turned on power and drive wouldn’t even spin up.

Wouldn’t be logical that the drive works in the DVR but not connected onto a standard SATA connector…

Hello everyone, This is my first post here, been browsing for a quite a while and never actually had to post because all my questions were already covered.

But now, I have the same issue as the poster above me, been searching for days with no results. When I remove the wd 320g from the 622 and put it into my pc, the bios shows blank, not none, but blank. Windows will not show the drive at all, but in a linux os the drive and drive name show fine. the boot sector is mountable ext3, but the other partition is unrecognised filesystem and is not mountable.

I could care less about the data on the drive, I want it in my pc, no longer have dish and a broken 622 with a perfect 320g sata drive. It seems that somehow dish has locked these drives. Ive tried to reformat it with a few applications, all give errors on attempt. Im determined to use this drive, i know its functional, and yes it does spin up, even in windows.

Im going to keep searching, but any help would be tremendously appreciated.

and to chef, your right its not logical, but thats the way it is???

oh yeah, and pvrexplorer will not read the drive either, just thought id add that.

[QUOTE=gthvdr;1993337][B]and to chef, your right its not logical, but thats the way it is???[/B]

oh yeah, and pvrexplorer will not read the drive either, just thought id add that.[/QUOTE]

I can only guess form that what were posted…

I was just agreeing with you, its not logical, and another days of searching still turned up no results yet. Well if I find any awnsers ill post them here.

HI, This in reply to gthvdr question

Don’t know if you have solved your problem but I think I may be able to help. First if the hard drive has linux partion on it you won’t be able to format the hard drive by simply attaching it to your computer and then trying to format it from windows.

What you have to do is delete the linux partion first and then create a
DOS partion once you have done that you will be able to format it from within windows

To delete the linux partion you must have a windows microsoft startup disk and boot up off of it and then run the FDISK untility. One of the options in FDISK is to delete a non-DOS partion. After have delete the linux partion you will then select the option to create a DOS partion. Once you have created the DOS partion you can remove the startup disk and reboot your computer. Windows will now see the drive because it has a DOS partion and you can format it.

Hard drive wont spin up when I take it out of DVR

[QUOTE=Jugernautt;2063644]Hard drive wont spin up when I take it out of DVR[/QUOTE]

Just a suggestion. Try to unplug all of your SATA drives. Plug in the DVR drive and see if it spins up. Sometimes you really have to listen because they can be quiet. If it spins up, download a live CD of Linux. Boot up with the CD. You can get to the disk partitioning utility from there.

I have been trying the same thing. I have the same issue. The hard drive is a seagate, db35.3, it works fine in the DVR, but will not spin when connected to the computer, or in an external enclosure. It will spin up and work fine in XP if you use the power from the DVR and hook the data cable to the PC. You can do whatever you want with it. I even formatted the entire drive. BUT, if you try to use the power from the pc, or use it in an external enclosure, the drive will not spin. When you plug the enclosure into a pc, or a another dish dvr usb, it is recognized, but it wont do anything, becuase the drive isnt spinning.

It has to be some type of voltage difference, but why would Dish change the hard drive before installing it, or does seagate change them before supplying them to Dish?? Seems odd. I want to use this as an external drive, but I dont want to have to lug around a dish reciever to power the thing up. Plus, cant plug the power in to the external case, it directly mounts the drive to the circuit board.


I just traded in my HD dish receiver for the 625. The lady on the phone promised me that all my movies and video that I had on my external hard drive would work on my 625. of coarse that was a lie.
The only way it will work is if you have another HD receiver hooked up to the same system.
So I have a brand new external 500gb hard drive with all my shows on it and my computer will not even recognize that it is there. I can’t even reformat it and use the hard drive for anything else.
Has anyone figured out what to do, to get these videos off and return the hard drive to a normal functioning hard drive?

Has anyone figured out how to get an old Dish dvr drive to spin up in a PC?

the usb port was origionally gonna be activated for an EHD, but they never released the software, but you can hook up a camera or flash/jump drive and put your pictures on the rcvr

Oh oh oh! Rosekiss! So can I use a usb thumb drive loaded with AVI/DivX movies in that usb drive on my 625 to wach movies from my PC? Oh please please say yes someone! :slight_smile: I am trying to go backwards here to what everyone else is trying to accomplish, I want to watch movies from my PC on my TV through the Dish 625 (rather then the Xbox 360) :slight_smile:
AND, if the answer is yes (I’m trying it when i get home regardless:) - do I have to call and pay $40 for Dish to activate that port?

[QUOTE=ESP1000;1859867]Ok I have a 625 it crashed well working slow… So Dish is sending me a replacement 625. Problem I have close to 80 hours of programing and would like to transfer it from the old 625 to my new one… Can anyone help? Dish was of no help at all but thier techs are basically clueless anyway :a[/QUOTE]

The same thing happened to me with my 722 DVR. It kept crashing, but I was able to transfer my shows to an external drive (I think it was $40 one-time fee to activate it) and then transfer from the external drive onto my new DVR.:smiley: What I’d like to know is how to access that external drive using my PC. It makes the connection but I can’t access it.:a