Dish Network DVR-942

Is there any way that will allow to transfer recorded shows from Dish Network 942 HDTV DVR receiver?

the DVR has two USB ports, but no RJ45. are there any programs that take advantage of the usb?


The UBS port is disabled. I was fortunate enough to get a 921 before they discontinued them. It has SVHS out that works pretty well for recording the HD content. I actually returned a 942 because of the total absense of analog output on the main tuner. How they can justify having only composite video out is beyond my comprehension on a reciever of that size.

Anyway, your only other option is to remove the HD and try to access that. Nobody has yet been successful with that AFAIK.

I didn’t expect anything else.

damn, so no hacks or anything like that?

My understanding is that in the latest software patch, the USB port has been enabled for use with the pocketdish. I’ve read that you can now get data off of it, but you still have encripted data. I would like to know if there is anyway to upload the data back onto the 942.

The 942 has now been replaced by a newer model (622) with more connects, and a ethernet port as well as USB. There’s no indication what the ethernet port is for, but the receiver is supposed to output both SD and HD at the same time, which is a big step forward for folks with DVD recorders.

I outright purchased a 942. I had it about a year and Dish mailed me a letter saying it was going to be obsolete so they made me an offer to lease another one.

I had hoped that I could still record over the air even though they had disabled my satellite subscription but now I see they wiped all my local channels out as well.

Is there any way to hack this receiver to record local over the air in a DVR format. I know it is illegal to try to receive dish signals, but I don’t want dish signals, just want to record over the air on a receiver that I paid nearly $700 for.