Dish Network DVR 622: transferring recordings..?



I recently switched to Dish Network for my HDTV set. I was told by a Dish Network technician who installed my system that if I hooked up my IBM Thinkpad laptop to the DVR the laptop would recognize the hard drive in the DVR and I could move saved programs to the laptop which I could then burn to DVD. When I connect the laptop, with either ethernet cable (to the back connection) or firewire (to the front connection) it does not detect an additional external hard drive. What am I doing wrong? Do I need some additional software?


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As is unfortunately often the case, you were misinformed by the Dish rep. There’s currently no way to connect the 622 to anything except the Dish “PocketDish”. The Pocketdish is useless for HD content. It is possible to use a PocketDish to move SD content to a PC, but the files are still encrypted and cannot be played or used on a PC.

There was initially a plan to enable the ports on the 622 for use of an external hard drive, but this seems to have vanished from the horizon. All files on the Dish drive are encrypted, so even if you could move them, they would be useless. The only real use if this feature is ever implemented will be simple storage on an external drive.

The ethernet port has never been enabled, but if it ever were it would be only for streaming media files on the 622, not for off-loading files. Possibly also for internet downloading of content.

Your best option for creating DVD’s is a set-top DVD recorder connected to the SVHS output on the 622.


DISH Network will tell you anything to make you happy… only to realize you’ve been misinformed later… Probably feels like you were lied to, but they reps that answer the phone really don’t have a clue. The customer service is horrible. Probably the real reason people go back to cable… I know I am after my latest contract runs out… been with DISH for four years and they just don’t care about existing customers. Come August 2007, I’m going back to cable… Not even bothering with DirectTV… DISH Networks navigation system is way more advanced than them… Don’t want to step backwards with DirectTV. Cable is in the middle and competes with DirectTV’s price. DISH is still the best value, but service is missing and I’ve had it with them.

Yeah… I’ve got a DVR-622 as well and signed a new 18 month contract based on mis-information last February.


If you want lots of HD content, there’s no other choice than Dish. Wish there was, but there ain’t. The 622 is a great receiver though, it’ll spoil you pretty fast.


For $50.00 you can purchase a Dazzle DVD recorder product, connect it to the TV2 RCA port on the back of the 622.
Connect the USB end of the Dazzle to your PC.

When you open the software that is supplied with the product whatever is displayed on TV2 will also be routed to the Pinnacle software.

You can use the pinnacle software to copy to DVD or the the hard drive so you can edit the content of your DVD’s.

Below is a link to the Dazzle Product I use.


The composite out from TV2 would be a pretty inferior picture source. TV1 has the S-video out that is hot all the time.


With the Dazzle product can you record HD this way or only non-HD programs?


You cannot record in HD from ANY outputs from a 622, or any other device that we know of. The S-video out will give you a 16:9 image squeezed into 4:3 which you can later stretch back to 16:9, but it’s at 480p only. Results are pretty good, but clearly not HD. The TV2 composite out will give you only SD, 4:3 images.


Exactly what CDan posted.
Analogue output will also be always decreased in res & bitrate, ALWAYS.


Sadly this is true about the service from Dish. The problem with customer service with them is that most times that customers call in it is to complain and the closest thing to Dish Network for them to vent their frustration out on is the person on the other end of the phone resulting in a high turnover rate for their employees. This means that they are typically very misinformed.


what about directv?


My discoveries about the external Hard drive option for my dish 622. First off, if you have any info on your Hard Drive-- save it before you connect it to the 622. The first thing the 622 has to do is reformat your drive to work with your receiver. Once this is done, you cannot see your drive on your computer (there is no longer a drive letter) So the drive needs to be dedicated for your Dish-- if this is not your intention DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR 622.

I spent over an hour figuring out how to repartition a drive that windows didn’t see. — this site has info how to take care of viewing those partitions (follow steps for assigning drive letters) You will have to delete the partitions that Dish has created, and then create new partitions, and assign drive letters. BEWARE


You’ve discovered that Dish uses a non-windows formating. It’ll be some form of linux formatting, so it’s possible to access it from a PC. But the files are encrypted so there’s nothing you can do with them. Still there may be a way to hack the drive and copy the files to PC for storage. The Yahoo Dish groups are the best source of info for this type activity. I’d use Partition Magic or a similar partition/drive utility to have a look at the drive. It should be able to see it.

BTW, for those who are unaware, Dish has implemented external USB drives with the latest firmware update on the 622. They also charge for the use of this function.


I just have a coupel quick questions about recording to a DVD. I recently got a 622 DVR, and I have read here and a few other places that you can simply hook up any DVD-R to the DVR acting as an External Recording Device, and burn right onto the DVD. My problem though, is that when I hook up the DVD-R it says that the feature/device is currently unsupported. So with that, heres a couple questions.

  1. Is my DVD-R a workable one? Its a Liteon recorder, no Model #, and a Dish DVR 622 VIP. I see the name popping up in threads, but it appears to work fine on all accounts.

  2. Is there some connection issue? Currently its connected through the USB port on the DVR. My burner only has the USB port on the back, so my options are limited. If I have to connect to something other than USB on the DVR, whats the best cable conversion thing to do?

  1. Does this mean you need to pay Dish to enable the USB port to be able to do what I want to do? Or is this just simply for their PocketDish thing or whatever the hell they are selling?

Any help is appreciated. I wouldnt be too broken up if it doesnt work though, I got the DVD-R for free and if nothing else, Im sure I can just use it with a computer and burn my stuff from there.


You have to use the audio and video outputs from the 622 to record on a DVD recorder. The USB port is only for storage of recordings on an external hard drive.


dish/directv have better quality (especially hd) than cable, cable’s got a nice price with their bundled phone/internet/tv


Hi HD & Dish Users, Well I have spent the last 2 hours following message threads regarding, “How to get recorded movies and etc for Dish Satellite Systems”. Alot of great ideas! I have used two methods that are tried and true.

  1. Utilize the S-Video output into a capture device such as ADS’s or Dazzle $29.00-$89.00.
    You plug the S-Video cable into the VIP 622DVR (Your Dish’s equipment) and
    the other end to the capture device. You then connect the USB cable from the capture device to your computer. Follow the software directions that came with the capture device to record in “Real” time your movies.
  2. For HD quality and minutes to download, go to Walley World or such, buy a External USB Hard Drive, 250 GB= $89.00, hook it up to power and select menu on the Dish receiver. When you plug the USB cable from the External Hard drive to the USB port on the Dish receiver a note will pop up and tell you that the USB is connected. If you follow the prompts you will eventually get to a screen to call Dish at (888) 241-2205 to activate the USB port. Yeap, costs $39.95 but takes about 15 nano seconds to complete. They add it to your bill.

Things that you will have to do is partition your drive as you have to format it to work. You will need off-the-shelf/downloadable software for conversions to a format you want to use and such. You can play the files on your computer or BURN DVD’s. Next toy for me is a HD DVD Recorder. Have fun!


Ok, here’s what I have: Toshiba DVD-R model DR4SU HDDish receiver 622 Phillips 42PFL7422D/37. In the old setup, I could easily transfer recordings from the DVR to my DVD-R. Now with the upgrade, the technician didn’t give me a signal FROM the DVR TO the DVD-R, only FROM the DVD-R to the TV. I want to be able to reproduce the old setup of dumping recordings from DVR to the DVD-R. Can someone walk me thru the setup?

I know the DVD-R isn’t HD, will that prevent me from being able to record or will it just lose the HD quality?


It is downgraded by default.