Dish Network Connection Problem



I just moved my main tv to our newly added family room. We installed coaxial wire and have tested it. My problem is I can’t get satellite tv now. I have one receiver and 2 tv’s. I called Dish and they said I will have to $99.00 to have them connect to the new location. Does anyone know how I can do this myself?


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See if you can follow the satellite cable from the original room or by removing the wall plate. If your satellite receiver has two coaxial feeds, follow both leads.

If there is a wall-plate which both satellite cables screw on to, check behind it to see how many cables lead from it:

[B]Wall plate has 1xTV + 1xSatellite connection, but has just one cable attached at the rear: [/B]
The satellite and TV are diplexed on the same cable. What you will need to do is trace this cable back to the distribution box or multiplexer and swap it with the cable leading to the room the satellite receiver will be moved to. Then move the wall plate containing the satellite & TV connections to that room.

[B]Wall plate has 1xTV + 2xSatellite connections, but has just two cables attached at the rear: [/B]
Same process as above, but the 2nd satellite lead needs to be moved to the room the satellite receiver will be moved to.

[B]Wall plate has a separate lead at the rear for every connection at the front: [/B]
The satellite lead(s) need to be moved to the room the satellite receiver will be moved to, along with the wall plate for the satellite connections.

Don’t try splitting the same satellite TV cable between both rooms! Unlike TV coaxial cable, each cable from a satellite dish LNB should connect to one end point only. For multi-room viewing where the satellite provider provides another receiver, they run separate leads to the dish’s LNB.