Dish CEO: I don't think we can compete with Netflix



Dish CEO: I don’t think we can compete with Netflix.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen has dismissed the long-held belief by analysts and even Netflix head honcho Reed Hastings that his company would be entering the competitive online streaming space.

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My answer … well duh… You came let and you thought you could surpass Netflix with just some eyecandy and not much. I don’t think so…!! Only company that might have a chance at Netflix would be M$ buying them totally outright. That is the only company at this point in time I forsee a truly owning Netflix in the future…


It’s not so much a question of competing with Netflix as it is a question of surviving with Netflix’s subscription based model. The studios are against subscription based streaming rentals, so all you will ever see on this type service is 3rd-tier movies and old TV shows. There’s a credible argument that Netflix’s streaming model is not sustainable without a disc-rental component to support it.

But a reasonably priced per-view streaming rental service is already working for several companies, and this is likely what Charlie is looking at and talking about. Even a per-title disc rental model is not out of the question.

Netflix is not a competitor in streaming rentals of new release or even 2nd tier movies.


They’re just trying to get Netflix to let their guard down. Then, BAM!