Disgusted with Plextor

I received my replacement 716SA today and this is how it was shipped to me:

Well that is just about unbelievable! At least you have the pics if the drive is a mess as well. That just sucks when you are awaiting an RMA.

How is it working? Looks like the shipping co shook it up a bit!! :a

My god WTF is wrong with Plextor???

Are you rma-ing from the US or EU?

the drive seems to work ok so far on reading/writing dvd-r. I havent tried anything else. My drive that I shipped them wouldnt read -r dvds. This was rma’d from the US. I couldnt believe when I picked up the box and I heard the drive inside sliding around. The box was way too big not to have any packing peanuts or anything else in it. The drive I received is also used. I’ve emailed plextor already, waiting on a reply.

I wonder what Plextor would do if they received an RMA drive packed in that condition…I’d send it back to them just like you received it.

Try out the drive anyways. I sent in a 1-month old 712 in the retail box and got and OEM box in return. When I looked at the replacement’s housing, there were scratches along the sides where it would rub against the drive bay chassis.

Looked “used” to me…

That said, I’m 100% satisfied with the replacement. I get “excellent” burns with all the recommended media, and either “very good” or “excellent” with everything else I’ve put in it.

Who knows, maybe the circuit board or laser sled is a new one in an older housing…?

Simple, they (and any other manufacturer/retailer) would not accept it according to their business RMA principles.

JeanLuc - That was my point. That is why I stated to return it to them. We shouldn’t accept anything that they wouldn’t accept from us.

That’s really poor. Please post whatever response you receive from Plextor. I’m sure this packing job was against their policy…unbelievable!

It is very evident that the packaging was mishandled How bad was the box damaged? You can’t blame Plextor if UPS handling was at fault. If the contents were damaged or in that shape, you should have filed a claim with the shipper. Once it leaves the loading dock it becomes the responsibility of the shipper to get it to you safely.

If the drive is still working, it means that the packaging did what it was designed to do.

Um… did you even look at the pic?

It’s obvious it was packed incorrectly; Hell “incorrectly” is an understatement, that is just god-awful.

My RMA was excellent, smooth…well packed. I had a smaller box and three of those foam thingies holding the drive firmly inside the box. Mine arrived mint by DHL. So you can’t slam Plextor for one bad apple.

There was no damage to the shipping box. The box wasnt packed correctly. They slipped the drive in there with the two styrofoam ends but the box was way too big to secure the drive from sliding around. They needed to use a smaller box (similar to the retail box) or put some styrofoam peanuts in there or something. I knew it was packed poorly the second I picked the box up and I head the drive sliding around the inside. It kills me that if I would have returned my drive to them in this manner they would have had a fit.

So you can't slam Plextor for one bad apple.

If that one bad apple was your apple Im sure you would slam them too.

It also kills me that when I started my emails to tech support about my faulty drive (wouldn’t read -r’s) the problem according to them was always my computers fault. I found this hard to believe since it burned okay and it read retail dvds correctly. I pushed on and after finally the third email I was given a rma number. So far this burning is working fine as far as I can tell, atleast it can read -r’s.

The poor picture has the box looking oversize. Was there a Plextor logo on the box? Their brown boxes always have the plextor name on them. Shipped in the US or EU?

:iagree: :iagree:

You should complain to them. This is totally not fair from a company thats suppose to be so great like Plextor, and an expensive drive like this one.

The orignal drive I purchased was from newegg.com and came in a box that looked like this:

The box this came in had no markings on the outside (except of course shipping label). The drive was slipped inside a pinkish ziplock baggie. It was shipped from Fletcher, Ohio

I was tired of waiting for a response from Plextor so I went to thier website and got the email addys for tech support, rmasupport, sales, and public relations. I forward my email I sent to tech support last night to those 4 email addys. Within about 10mins I had plextor calling me. I explained my frustrations about the poor shipping and how as a customer I had a duty to PROPERLY ship my defective drive back to them, they have the same duty to PROPERLY return my drive. I let him know from a business stand point this was totally unprofessional. He told me he never seen a drive leave like that before and he was gonna look into this matter (I don’t if he actually will or not but thats what he said), he told me he would send me another drive, I let him know that I want to see how this one works out for me and I’ll get back to him. He then gave me his contact phone number so if need be I could get in touch with him again. I will say one thing in Plextors defense is that the RMA turn around time to get me another drive was quicker then I expected.

No wonder some drives have " Bad vibrations" issues…

Offtopic: why do they use such big Box? Here in Europe, Big box means more €€€ to them…