Discusssion Thread for AnyDVD 2007 08 03

  • New (DVD): Added support for new versions of the FluxDVD protection as
    used by CinemaNow.
    Note: We still advise you not to buy download movies from CinemaNow.
  • New (Blu-ray): Decryption of “Incubus - Alive at Red Rocks” (US)
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new titles
  • Fix: Failed chkdsk of system partition
  • Fix: Instability under Windows 98
  • Fix (DVD): DVDManager 0 problem introduced with AnyDVD and
  • Fix (DVD): Bug introduced in, old ProtectDVD titles did not work
    anymore (Silent Hill, R2, Germany)
  • Fix (DVD): Bug introduced in, old Sony Arccos titles did not work
    anymore (Resident Evil Apocalypse, R1, US)
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

New versions every hour on the hour now :bigsmile:

But everything is fixed now. :clap:

Don’t say that very loud :bigsmile:

So far .6.9 appears to be fine with Win 98.

I am happy it is working for you, I cannot replicate any problem with Win98 because I do not run anymore. So if the problem is fixed, then bravo. Happy burning.:clap:

NO ONE should be running 98 anymore. Especially not online. :slight_smile:

You are correct SamuriHL but some do not have the finances to update and it is a credit to Slysoft that they take this into consideration.:iagree:

I have a friend that has 98 on his machine but he’s not very pc savy…and a tight wad :bigsmile:

Yup, and my counterargument to that no money to upgrade nonsense is simple…use Linux. Granted, no AnyDVD if you do that, but, eventually they’re going to hit a wall and 98 support is going to have to be dropped anyway. As it is, AnyDVD HD is not 98 compatible and never will be. As we move further and further away from DVD 98 becomes less and less viable. James calls it a cheap embedded DVD player app, and that’s fine, but, if you’re using it for a main install, forget it.

I have a different take on that. Most viruses/worms, etc are written specifically for XP & now Vista.

I am running both hardware & software firewalls, + Zone Alarm as a 3rd firewall to watch outbound traffic, an updated av, a trojan scanner, a suite that watches for registry changes in real time & I scan everything I download. I also check all email headers on my email provider’s website before downloading emails & almost never allow suspect emails on my machine at all. I intentionally use an older email program with scripts turned off (NOT OUTLOOK!) that won’t even open some of the more dangerous emails. I keep all programs up to date that still have updates & use FF2.x with no script.

I do have 1 XP box, but to be honest I’m a bit afraid to put it online! I know Win 98 REALLY well, & I’m not nearly as familiar with XP.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only security issues I know of with Win 98 are that MS no longer patches it (Zert is issuing paches for major issues) & that rootkits are harder to detect (I believe this is due to a lack of win 98 compatable root kit sweepers).

Feel free to educate me here (politely please!).

There was a bulletin by MS, and I can’t seem to find it now but if I hunt it down I’ll post it for you, that said that no one should use 98 on the internet as it literally can’t be secured. I’m fairly sure it had to do with the version of internet explorer being used. Since they’ve stopped updating it, I consider that rather dangerous. I really wish I could find that post from MS. In the end, however, I will completely admit that security comes down to one thing…and it’s not a technical issue. It comes down to the user. If you’re security conscious, you can PROBABLY secure just about anything. It would seem that you’ve done a very good job with the security of your machine.

But, you also have to remember something else. First, if you’re running 98 you’re probably on older hardware which means it’s slower and probably has less ram. The more security software you’re running, the slower the machine will become. Also, most (not all) users I’ve ever met still running 98 haven’t a clue about security and don’t even necessarily have all the “latest” security patches. This horrifies me to no end. They’re basically playing with fire. I cringe when people tell me they’re running XP without SP2!! 98 without the latest patches is just irresponsible.

So while you don’t fall into that category and are running a fairly responsible install, I can honestly say you’re in the minority when it comes to 98 users.

in addition to a good anti-virus and firewall
use Faronics deep freeze and nothing can touch you
on reboot all changes zero out
PC can even survive a total deletion of the windows folder
of course their is a thaw mode to enable permanent changes