Discussion Thread for AnyDVD Final 2007 12 21

  • New (DVD): Support for new copy protection found on some adult titles
  • New (DVD): AnyDVD ripper can now handle discs, which have menu files
    bigger than 1GB (which is against the specification).
  • New (DVD): Improved performance of the AI scanner.
  • Fix (HD DVD & Blu-ray): Black screen with re-release of “Prison Break”
  • Fix (DVD): PS18 error with some discs, e.g. “The Forgotten”, R1, US
  • Fix (DVD): AI Scanner accidently removed a title set from “8 Below”,
    R2, Japan
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

COOLIES…go BD+…lol…now if we can just get a nudge to Slysoft to update CloneCD and CloneDVD to CloneCD HD and CloneDVD HD…as well as CloneDVD mobile to CloneDVD mobile HD…as well…that would seal the cake and eat it as well…

Good things come to those that wait. :iagree: