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AnyDVD History 2007 04 13

  • Fix: AnyDVD did not work correctly on Windows 2000
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


LOL, I just updated to this morning. Got to give SlySoft credit for being on the ball.:iagree:


This is just the same version for people still running Windows 2000.:iagree:


Same here :bigsmile:


If anyone wants a problem free environment for backing up, build a dedicated box and install Windows 2000 up to SP3 but not SP4. Install only backup related software & utilities and nothing else. Do not hook up to the internet with this box. Do not install firewalls, Anti Virus or spyware softwares.

Do your updating of your backup programs manually via USB flash drive. Run a virus scan on anything you download to your flash drive before you transport it to your standalone backup box.

No disappearing drives
No conflicts (that can’t be isolated quickly)

Nothing but a cruizzzz … sweet!



Good stuff Whisperer1. I don’t even know anyone running Windows2000 anymore but your advice is sound. Good post.:clap:


one thing I miss since moving to Mythtv, no more anydvd. Would be cool to have an anydvd layer for *nix when mounting a dvd


Hello. I have CloneDVD2, DVD Shrink 3.2 and Any DVD I start to clone a dvd and about 5 minutes in it says “Error: Navigationpack 0 VOBU 4 70 32 Clone 6 TCE”. DVD Shrink won’t even read the disk.

What do I do to fix this? I run Windows XP SP2, Samsung DVD burner, and a 2.8GHz processor. I don’t know what else you could need to help but please do and if you need more info please ask.

Thanks, Metman!!!


The AnyDVD status window is always helpful. That allows us to see the title, region, and protection information. However, if you’re trying to work with an ARccOS protected disc directly in DVD Shrink, then it will very likely fail. My advice, use CloneDVD2, set it to DVD DL mode, and output it to the hard drive. That will rip the disc to your hard drive so that Shrink can then open it. The benefit of this method is that you can also deslect titlesets you don’t want to keep while retaining the menus. Hopefully this helps.