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AnyDVD HD beta 2007 03 01

  • New: Added Blu-Ray support.
  • Change: I/O on 64bit OS (WinXP64/Vista64) moved to kernel mode
  • Updated ElbyCDIO layer, fixes “cannot get exclusive access” in
    CloneDVD and CloneCD under XP64 and Vista64
  • Change: ElbyCDIO uses less CPU cycles under Windows XP and Vista
  • Change: After using CloneCD or CloneDVD, AnyDVD does no longer
    rescan the disc under XP64 and Vista64.
  • Fix: HD DVDs without iHD menus did not work
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

This is great news. I’m very happy Blu-Ray is added, but even happier that those other issues were fixed, since a lot of people were having problems with AnyDVD-HD on Vista 64.

Sweet. I’ll have to go grab it. No BluRay for me but that’s great for those that wanted it.

This is a big step for Slysoft :bow: :flower: :bow: :flower: :cool: :cool:

I think at this moment this is the only program of its kind in the world LOL.:bow:

I have it installed and it didn’t lock me up when restarting like some people say when updating to new versions:bigsmile:
I was very surprised to see what all they added but then again we’re talking about Slysoft :cool: :clap:

I think that was an isolated problem. The user that reported that reinstalled with no problems.:iagree:

I love AnyDVD, but I’m wondering what people are using it for as far as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Is it just to remove the region coding for watching movies? I can’t imagine it’s cost-effective yet to back up your disc collection.

I really hope the new drives and media come down in price soon. :iagree:

It is for removing HDCP requirements (new monitor!) and studio logos for watching movies.

So that means you don’t need HDCP compliant Monitor and Video Card to playback the HD movies?

That is what it means.

Very cool. Thanks!

So this new AnyDVD can break HDCP compliant hardware, ie Monitor and Video Card? Or Monitor only?

In my system which is not HDCP compliant, it wont work with PowerDVD Ultra 7.3. I have the latest ATI drivers but it’s still red according to BD Advisor. In my friend’s system this exact same driver is green, the difference only the Video Card.

With AnyDVD and Blu-ray enabled, PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 gave error “Incompatible graphics driver”.

I can playback the BD movies in my other system with only onboard VGA btw.

Pic 1 = BD/HD Advisor on Intel PC
Pic 2 = BD/HD Advisor on AMD PC
–> same Graphics drivers, different video card, but one is red and one is green? :confused:
Pic 3 = AnyDVD info (BD enabled)
Pic 4 = Error on PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 when trying to playback on Intel PC.


And I think your issue might be a graphics driver issue:


@Webslinger, I have the latest ATI video driver, downloaded a few hours ago. It’s shows in ATI website dated Feb 21, 2007, Catalyst v7.2. BD Advisor showing different version (8.342.0.0). Catalyst shows version

Pic 1 - Catalyst 7.2 (latest as of Feb 21, 2007).

Surely you have rebooted by now?

Rebooted 3x, rolling56.

Installed AnyDVD ask for reboot and I did.
Installed new ATI Catalyst ask for reboot and I did.

And another reboot for free. :bigsmile:

Since Slysoft has created its own forum in their WEB site, look like their Rep no longer bother to visit here to answer any question from forum members.

I’m a patient guy and I understand that they probably have different time zones and I’m not expecting to be answered in minutes! :slight_smile:

It’s 12AM in the morning in my zone here! :flower:

Did you try the previous version?