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AnyDVD History 2007 05 21

  • Fix (HD DVD & Blu-ray): AACS decryption was broken in
    Some titles did not playback correctly (black screen).
    Sorry, sorry, sorry!


Dang you Slysoft! :stuck_out_tongue:

:bow: :bigsmile:

At least did they a quick fix that was fast…wow

works great on apocalypto

works great on apocalypto

But not on German RC2 DVD from Apocalypto.

Yet… :slight_smile: I’m sure it will soon enough. :smiley:

I used 6155 on apocalypto and it took over 1 hour to rip to hdd. Is this normal? I don’t remember earlier versions taking this long.

No it is not normal. Check your UDMA mode, I backed up Apocalypto in 20 minutes, 12 to encode and 6 to burn with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. :iagree:

how come when I rip to the hard drive the folder no longer starts with TS ? It is just the name of the movie , when I open it , there is a video folder and an audio folder. CloneDVD2 cannot back it up to a blank DVD. also I notice the box that I used to check to remove unreferenced cells is gone…is it supposed to be ?

I believe after you rip the movie there are no unreferenced cells. Why are you using the ripper if you have CloneDVD2? Try this update http://sandbox.slysoft.com/beta/SetupAnyDVD6156.exe

They redid the ripping folder name because of a request, I think. It now creates the folder named based on the DVD volume name and then puts the video files in the VIDEO_TS sub-directory within that directory.

Why you are unable to back it up to a blank DVD is beyond me. Point it to the folder like you would any DVD ripped to your HDD and it should burn just fine. I’ve had no problems whatsoever doing this on the rare instances I experimented with the new ripper.

It’s not there because it’s not supposed to be. With the switch it being based on legacy FixVTS code to the licensed CloneDVD ripping engine it’s not needed.

Ugh. What was my brain doing when I was typing. I’m not even sure what the originally wording for that sentence was supposed to be.

What I was really meaning to say was the old ripper was based on old FixVTS code and now it was rewritten from scratch and uses the licensed CloneDVD ripping engine. The option to remove the unreferenced cells is unecessary.

cool , thanks guys. I am just used to ripping to my drive then using clone to burn…I seemed to get better burns that way. I’ll go back to just letting anydvd run in the background and use clonedvd to copy and burn and see what happens