Discussion about new polls for best DVD media



I think we need a new Poll on DVD Media. Look at the date of Wes’s original post, I think standards and some opinions may have changed somewhat since then. Plus we have lots of new members, with their own opinions.

I mean, Ritek with 60-odd votes? :Z

Boredom made me post and suggest this, I swear :bigsmile:


Perhaps you’re right.

We could also have two polls, one being about which DVD media people think of as the highest quality disc, and another for which people have as a favourite for everyday use.

The answer to these two questions may be quite different!

So, the Devil made you do it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow…Drage, that’s a terrific idea IMO, I should’ve thought of that! :slight_smile:

And yes, absolutely :bigsmile:


Lol, three polls :slight_smile:

Lets close this thread, rename it as the “Obsolete - What is the best DVD media” and then create the following stickies:
Best DVD media for Permanent Archiving:
Best DVD media for everyday use:
Best DVD media for magic 8 balls, drink coasters & other miscellaneous uses:


Hehehehehe :bigsmile:

Best DVD media for magic 8 balls, drink coasters & other miscellaneous uses:

I have trouble in choose between [U]Princo[/U] vs.[U]Sky[/U] :bigsmile:



Back to the topic of new media polls.

debro, is your suggestion for three polls to be taken seriously?
E.g. Which DVD Media Is Best for Archiving, Which DVD Media Is Best for Everyday Use, and Which DVD Media Is the Worst?

Please tell me what you all think here in this thread:

Is making three separate polls a bit over the top, or is that what we need?
Or two polls? Or one poll?

Should we poll by media maker, just like the division in the Blank DVD Media Tests forum, or should we poll by the brand the media is sold under?

Post your suggestions and opinions, please! :slight_smile:


I think three polls is fine. Any more than that would be overkill, though, LOL :bigsmile:

There are reasons for polling by brand (appealing to newcomers), but there are also good reasons to poll by manufacturer (a lot of brands use different ones). So that’s a toughie, to me, anyway.


Oh damn! You got me … I wasn’t totally serious …

serious mode
This thread is now no longer current & is getting increasingly irrelevant & needs to be closed. People have been posting their favourite medias in here for a VERY long time & many of the media’s may not even be available anymore. We’re going to end up with noobs posting “Where can I get TY01 discs?”

Two Polls are proposed …
Which CURRENT media is best for archival purpose?
Which CURRENT media is best for general purpose?
Both will need to be archived/recreated every year or so :wink:

The poll will need multiple selections for 4x, 8x, 16x, DVD+R, DVD-R, Manufacturers.
I haven’t come across 2x/2.4x rated media for … well, a very long time.
And I’m not aware of any 6x, 10x, 12x or 14x rated media.

That way people can vote “I love TYG01” which is a combination of TY + DVD-R + 4x rated, or if they love All TY, they can vote TY, DVD+R, DVD-R, 4/8/16x all at once.

Where it gets tricky is when they say I love TYG02, but not TYG03 or TYG01, but I love TY01 & TY03, but not TY02.
Can’t please everyone eh?
/end serious mode

This post and all contents are confidential and intended for viewing by the original recipient only. If you are not the original recipient, reading this message is a breach of the confidentiality act of (i don’t know) and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law … or just hit over the head with a fluffy bunny until you cry, or faint from hunger.


That would be a serious amount of choices.

If we just take the 20 choices (19 + “other”) in the current poll, multiply it by 2 or more for type (DVD+R, DVD-R, …) and multiply it by 3 for speed, we’ll have at least 115 choices!

I don’t think that’s practical. :disagree:


Actually it isn’t even possible to create a poll with more than 20 choices!


No, no, no. I think you misunderstand - The poll becomes a multiple-select poll, rather than a single-select favourite manufacturer.

The current poll options stand, with the following manufacturers pushed into the “Other” category :wink:
Beall, Lead Data, Infomedia, Gigastorage, optodisc.

The 5 spaces now gives us the options of:
DVD+R, DVD-R, 4x, 8x, 16x respectively.

I think the voters for most of those manufacturers must have had serious brainfart moments anyway, or at least waywards clicks.

It will also provide us some interesting insight as to whether DVD+R or DVD-R is most favoured … which speed media is most favoured … as well as the favourite manufacturer.

If the poll is public, we can also identify who posted “Other” and find their post specifying which manufacturer and hopefully their justification. Maybe some new startup manufacturer could give TY a run for its money :wink: (lol).

Still only 2 seperate threads/polls, one for general use media, one for High Quality/permanent storage. :wink:


@debro, OK I see what you mean now!


Not as silly as I look? eh? :slight_smile:

How’s my [B]insaneHat[/B]?


I like that idea, Debro - certainly gets my vote (hehe). :bigsmile:


I split this discussion off from the original thread.

The current proposal is to have two separate polls:

[li]Best DVD Media for Permanent Archiving[/li][li]Best DVD Media for Everyday Use[/li][/ul]The polls should be public and multiple choice, with the following choices:

[li]DVD-R[/li][li]DVD+R[/li][li]4x rated[/li][li]8x rated[/li][li]16x rated[/li][li]CMC[/li][li]Daxon[/li][li]Fuji[/li][li]Maxell[/li][li]Mitsubishi (verbatim)[/li][li]Moser Baer[/li][li]Philips[/li][li]Princo[/li][li]Prodisc[/li][li]Ricoh[/li][li]Ritek[/li][li]Sony[/li][li]Taiyo Yuden[/li][li]TDK[/li][li]Other, explain below[/li][/ol]These choices are the 14 most popular choices from the last poll, plus the two types (DVD+R, DVD-R) and the three speeds (4x, 8x, 16x) and the “other” choice.

Please note that 20 choices is the maximum number of choices allowed in a poll in this forum.

More comments and suggestions are appreciated!


I’m not sure whether a (meaningful) complete survey can be carried out with one or two threads, instead I’d suggest having four or eight separate polls.
8x DVD-R for Archiving
8x DVD+R for Archiving
16x DVD-R for Archiving
16x DVD+R for Archiving

Very few companies actually still do 4x DVD media… :wink:


lol… tuffdisk still make 2x media :eek:


Well the only tuffdisc (by the wa they don’t make it) 2x media I have seen is RW. We’re talking just Rs here.

I think by default the one that gets the lowest number of votes in the best poll will obviously be bad. Though for Ritek I would say split it to G04 and G05 and +Rs as from what I have read from the more knowledgeable the +Rs of ritek aren’t nearly as bad as the -Rs.


I like Drage’s proposal very much. I think four or eight seperate polls could be a tad confusing…especially for the newcomer. :slight_smile:

And I thought I was seeing things when I saw this thread first :eek:

Yeah, although I wouldn’t use any Ritek DVD media at this point, from using them awile back, the +Rs do seem a little better. :slight_smile:


The idea of a new poll is great because many things have changed. Ritek going from good/acceptable to bad/not to recommend etc…
It would be nice to have an MIJ option for brands selling MIJ and MIT etc like Maxell or Fuji, Verbatim or Sony. So that you could say MIJ Maxell or just Maxell with out MIJ when you refer to MIT or other countries of origin.