DiscT@2: Proof that it's better to be good than to be first

I just posted the article DiscT@2: Proof that it’s better to be good than to be first.

Etching laser graphics into the spare space of a CD sounds like a good idea but according to Shoshana Berger at CNN it is not all its cracked up to be. According to CNN, the setup is difficult,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5119-DiscT2-Proof-that-its-better-to-be-good-than-to-be-first.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5119-DiscT2-Proof-that-its-better-to-be-good-than-to-be-first.html)

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Hey, just got a brilliant idea. Why not write your logo on the upper side of the cd, instead of the lowerside… (just an idea) lol

You’re missing the point here, CDFreaks.com and CNN. Blank media using certain dye types have little contrast between the recorded and unrecorded areas. Other die types have high contrast. Certain Azo dyes are extremely blue and provide a high contrast between recorded and unrecorded. Yamaha isn’t shipping proprietary discs, they are shipping discs of a certain Azo dye that is very deep blue. When you use cheaper media you can expect the contrast to be terrible. Sorry, but you’re not going to be able to get away from the way blank media works. It’s not like Yamaha is going to turn the laser on high power to burn (real word, think fire) into these discs.

Well said PreacherBoy. I think of it like printer paper. If you want to use any old paper with your printer, it will work but the results are going to be mediocre. On the other hand, if you buy paper designed to be used with your laser or ink jet printer, the results are probably going to be better.

The results we got in our review were quite good. I agree with Ian and PreacherBoy. Seems to me like the CNN editor doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

There are always some percentage of people who will love a new product while some people DON’T. Biased report… of course. I don’t have a Yamaha writer and won’t buy it since I don’t need the feature. CNN is not always correct, and people do make stupid mistakes all the time.

In my opinion, people shouldn’t talk about technology if they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. CNN technology writers should know better. All they would have to do is contact Yamaha or RTFM for information about dye types.

All reviews I’ve read about CRW-F1 were very positive. After all, the drive is not for the majority of PC users but rather for more affluent and specially interested people. Personally, I am not much interesed in copying games and making audio CDs so almost any CD writers that are stable and cheap are good enough to me.

I can’t see the point of this article. Is the writer pissed because Yammie took the test unit back, or what? DiscT@2 is fun. I doubt that nobody ever thought if would be something truly revolutionaty. There is nothing wrong with the install, and the drive does what it promises. Verbatim Azos word good, but also some cyanine discs give great results.

can anybody take a picture of this…id like to see if its worth the money :7

My friend is really into music. When he was looking to buy a cd burner, I had him buy Yamaha CRW-F1. It has DiscT@2 and Audio Master Quality 2. I also showed him how to use DiscT@2 feature in Nero and had him buy Verbatim DataLife Plus 16X (Metal Azo/dark blue dye). He loves it, I think it is cool too. I think some people are just not creative enough to make a good use out of it.

H3rr|n3, Look at varous sites that have done reviews and also look at yamaha’s web site. I remember seeing pictures in various places.

There’s a link in GAM3FR3AK’s post above. Read the review and there are also some pictures.

lol, it can draw pictures on your cd but not do fully correct EFM encoding…

any of the Princo brand cd-R have excelent contrast and would work very well in this drive (good CDs for readability in older drives too)

Princo produces the worst CD and DVD media available. Same goes with Prodisc and CMC. :r

the drive rox. the etching is cool even on faint cheepy cdr’s. the master audio feature works very well but one must have very good ears or gear to appreciate it. i read somewhere that the high end is lost compared to the plextor. thats ridiculous. it is just that the sound has more midrange & every frequency is slightly more articulated so the nasty treble isn’t as apparent- its an illusion that it loses treble. the 8mb buffer allows me to record cdr’s while playing mp3’s at the club i dj at even while cueing up a seperate mp3 - zero glitch! & yes, i own 3 plextors as well.