DiscT@2 on CD-R possible?



Is it possible to make DiskT@2 on CD-R with NEC AD-7173A? May be special firmware or soft needed?


DiscT@2 is only supported for DVD+R and DVD-R media on these Sony NEC Optiarc drives, not supported on CD-R media.


But why not? Technology of DiscT@2 is same on Yamaha and Nec, isn’t it?


I don’t know why. Perhaps they had to pay more for a license for CD-R DiscT@2, maybe they didn’t think it was important or useful (most CD-R dyes would produce nearly invisible tattoos), maybe they just couldn’t be bothered.


I don’t ask about NEC reasons, but i’am interesting about how to force NEC drives to burn DiskT@2 on CD-R media. I think that it is possible theorethically. What if try to make Nero thinking that my drive is Yamaha CRW-F1 or change code of firmware? (question to experts)