DiscT@2 minimum unused space



I was wondering…what is the minimum unused space a DVD has to have to perform a DiscT@2 burn? If for example I have 100 MB of unused space…can I still make a (very small) text DiscT@2 burn?



You need at least 900mb!


It’s a pity. 900mb should be about 1cm (am I wrong?) on the disc….so if I would like to “Tattoo” the disc with a text of only 0,5 cm or less I have to use 900mb…it’s a pity.
Thanks for the reply.


This subject was discussed in the following thread:

How much space required for LabelFlash on NEC 4551

As chef said, the closest we got to determining the required free space was 0.89 GB which is 5mm of the usable space (not just 5mm from the edge of the disc or edge of the dye).


All righty! Thanks for the link. I couldn’t find anything in the various posts “DiscT@2” and similar.


I’ve read the post you kindly showed me…but what I don’t understand is if this limit depends on the program (Nero Burning Rom), or on the DiscT@2-FlashLabel technology.
It is a little bit awkward there’s no official clear documentation (or at least I couldn’t find it).


I don’t know the answer to that question!


It is written in the manual of the dvd writer, it had a graph with data capacity vs free space. I dont know if it is limited by the technology or Nero either.


It’s a quite good idea not to pin such text to far to the edge of the media.

I’ve just experienced that this software (implementation) has some bugs however, and it’s not already placed on the media like the picture indicates… :frowning:


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I performed some tests (on crappy DVD+R media) to see exactly how much data I could put on a DVD+R and still have room for a minimal (5 mm) DiscT@2 label.

On a normal DVD+R there is room for 3589 MiB data and a label, but not 3590 MiB.

The tested DVD+R media is 2,295,104 sectors of 2048 bytes which is 4,482.625 MiB.

This means that 893.625 MiB free space is sufficient, but 892.625 is not sufficient.
I also burned a DVD+R leaving exactly 893 MiB free space, and there was not room for a DiscT@2 label.

3589.000 MiB on DVD+R leaves 893.625 MiB free space which is enough.
3589.375 MiB on DVD+R leaves 893.000 MiB free space which is NOT enough.

MiB = 1024 * 1024 bytes

EDIT: A little more free space is needed on DVD-R media is seems (893.625 MiB free is not sufficient), so I’ll make a few more tests on DVD-R media.


I performed similar tests for DVD-R media, and although there is 6.625 MiB more space on normal DVD-R media, it’s not possible to burn more data on a DVD-R than a DVD+R and still have room for a DiscT@2 label.

3589 MiB on DVD-R leaves 900.25 MiB free space which is enough.
3590 MiB on DVD-R leaves 899.25 MiB free space which is NOT enough.

MiB = 1024 * 1024 bytes


you can always get +/-300MB this if you are very patient and have lot of time.

  • get cheap media
  • disct@2 blank dvd-r around 3mm or less (untouched area still writable with data)
  • then write data around 3850-3900MB
    (verify the data after writing)


I’m sure that also depends on the media & burner used.