DiscSpeed ScanDisc found some bad spots, what now?

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all,

I burned a 50gb (sony) bd-r just now, and ran DiscSpeed’s ScanDisc on it. I noticed 2 little yellow boxes on the graph, and when I looked in the file list window I found that the file in the affected area had “Quality” of 47%. How bad is this? I can copy the “bad” file off the disc no problem and the TRT test ran fine, giving a nice smooth graph. I’m burning to blu-ray for important data backup, so I’m wondering how bad this 47% really is?
If it was cheaper media I’d just burn another, but these discs ain’t cheap…
However I will re-burn if anyone thinks this is a concern…

Thanks for any advice!

47% is not a good number. :slight_smile:
I am not sure how accurate is scandisc, from what you said you can read it back now, but maybe not in the future? Especially you mentioned it’s a cheap disc so not sure about its longetivity…

Hi Zaina,

Thanks for your help. No, sorry, it was a good blu-ray media I used (sony)…
But the strange thing is that I did another scandisc and this time no bad sectors reported. I’ll do it a few more times and see what happens. Is the nero scandisc test generally considered reliable? (with LG GGW-H20L) ?


Did you scan right after the burn? I wonder if heat can affect the scan.

[quote=Jake030;2222867]I wonder if heat can affect the scan.[/quote] Heat will negatively impact the reading capability of the drive, usually resulting in higher parity error levels (before error correction). :iagree:

This will usually not result in readable sectors becoming unreadable, but it might.

Yes, I did actually. I did the burn (took 90 minutes), then did a TRT immediately after (took about 30 minutes) and then did the scandisc immediately after that. The room was air-conned (to about 20 degrees Celsius) throughout however. When I did the second (successful) scandisc the next day, the drive hadn’t been used at all prior to it.
I’ll do a few more scandisc runs and do a “best out of 5” on it…

Thanks for the help.