DiscSpeed sometimes crashes ForceWare 181.20 on Vista64 SP1

Question: Can anybody confirm that specifically the nero DiscSpeed tool sometimes crashes the new 181.20WHQL driver BUT NOT the former 178.x drivers?

It occurs at the moment when the quality scan starts and the PIF/PIE windows refresh. It looks the following: The screen goes black and two seconds later Vista resumes with that typical “nvlddmkm restored” warning.

Nothing else crashes the 181.20 driver. And nothing, not even DiscSpeed, has ever crashed 178.x drivers.

Can anybody confirm this or is my GPU-Board dying?

The latter is unlikely, since VRAM is checked now and OK and the eventually existing “solder bump problem” with NV boards would not be an issue as well, since GPU is constantly cool, between 18°C/39°C (power-off/power-on).