Discs wont play

hi, i have managed to rip,author and burn but for some reason the disks wont play in my stand alone dvd player.The disk starts then freezes then the disk seems to spin erraticly in the drive then stops.I have tried it in my laptop works fine.Also is there any main difference betwwen + and - disks, i have been using -rw and +r disks both do the same thing.Any help would be great, this is starting to drive me mad.

Hi oscaride and welcome to the forum ,

This usually is a dependency of your standalone player. If it doesn’t work with DVD- discs , i suggest purchasing one DVD+RW and check if the content will be playable then.

A small explanation between + and - can be found here

You can check to see if your stand alone player is compatible with what types of burnt media here.