Discs won't play in my Apex 1100W!



I gave a friend a DVD-R I’d made, but he found his Apex 1100W wouldn’t play it.

I then tried a 4-hr disc I’d made in my 1100W, and it wouldn’t play for me.

All my discs have played FINE in my Apex 1500 however.

The 1100W was hacked by disc to be region free and VCR friendly. The 1500 is out of the box.

Any ideas what the problem might be?



See the following link. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDnameid=1989&Search=Search&#comments

It appears some have had trouble with the Apex 1100W reading DVD-R media. Have you tried DVD+R?

Welcome to the world of “it will play fine depending on the palyer and/or the media used.”

Try other -R or +R media and post back results. It may just be it doesn’t like your -R media.


I’d aimed for using -R because I’d heard that it was the most compatible format with older machines.

Trying +R seems the way to go now.

I’ll try a few. Watch. After I’ve made a bunch of discs in the -R format, it’ll turn out only +R works best with my Apex players.

I said the 1500 plays the -R discs fine, but that’s not entirely true. They won’t always rewind. Forward, yes, but not rewind. Well, tomorrow it’ll be a trip to the store to buy some +R’s. We’ll see what happens.

One other question-

Say it turns out the +Rs are the ones that work best with my Apex players…

If I eventually get a computer that can handle DVD burning and editing, will it be possible to re-burn existing -R discs as +Rs? Can you convert? Or will the recording be “stuck” in -R format (requiring analog conversion if I want them to be +R)?



The +/-R refers to the way the information is actually physically stored on the DVD, not the structure of the files themselves. If you get a PC, simply rip the files on your
DVDs to a hard drive, and then re-burn from the hard drive to a + or -R as desired. I’ve done this may times.

Also the Liteon uses the DVD VR format which differs slightly from the DVD Video format, but most readers but not all can accomodate this. This might be another reason why the Apex fails?

After much trial and error, I now record all my programs (using a stereo VCR tuner) via SCART to DVD+RW disks (no need to finalise), and then transfer to a PC (Nero Recode, DVD Decrypter are two good packages), and copy to DVD + or - Rs as I wish.

You can copy any DVD directly to another DVD+/-R using a simpler burning program (e.g. basic Nero) if you wish, and do not intend to do any editing of the disk (simply use the Liteon menus to rename menus etc if desired). This works but the copy is still in DVD VR format though.


Out of curiosity, is the Apex another liteon clone?


Don’t think so.

From what I hear, Apex has gone out of business, and their remaining units are being sold by their biggest creditor, and their remaining parts are being sold by/assembled-into-whole-units-and-sold-by same.

Seems to me if they WERE a LiteOn clone, wouldn’t they be MORE cooperative with each other? :confused: