Discs won't play after successful recording

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Surpercharging SATA Drive Performance :cool:

I went to that ā€œsupercharging SATA Drive Performanceā€ link in your response. and it took over my computer and I believe tried to install software under the guise of cleaning up my surfing history; when I attempted to close the pop-up. I figure you are unaware of this and want to let you know.


I found no problem with that link.

I also checked that link & itā€™s clean for me, so something else is proabably causing the spyware pop up on your pc. Run a full spyware scan & get some good protective software. I use super ad blocker which is a great picee of cheap shareware. IF you donā€™rt have spyware scan software installed, then use the free house calls service at trend micro. And fro extra security, turn on the pop up blockers in IE7 & in Google toolar if you have that.

@ James
If you had a problem with the link then it means you have a Trojan Back door and/or and a browser spyware on your system you can find out by running Spyware Detector which you can find at the link below
NOT free but you can run it and it will show you what is on your system

Well I owe you a big thanks!! I was able to find and remove a couple of adwares.
I can now access that page without a problem.

Whats interesting is I dont have any sata drives I was just curious.

Thanks Again


Hey James
Glad I was able to help you :cool: Spyware Detector is a very powerful tool to have always finds things other programs never find or see a MUST HAVE on all my systems