Discs smell

recently i have bought Pioneer DVR-216D.

it works fine for now, but i’ve noticed something that worries me a bit.

most of the DVD’s that i burn smell like a melting plastics maybe. after a while the smell is weaker but it still smells. should i be worried?

It seems not a normal thing. It could be related to the discs you are using, maybe a low quality disc?

You can check easily if it is due to the media: try to burn a couple of these discs with a different drive: if again they smell like burned plastic, then the culprit is the disc.

Try also to burn a different disc your Pioneer 216: if different discs are not smelling, then again the culprit is the disc :slight_smile:

I have BenQ DVD+R discs that smell terrible (yes, like it was burnt with a flame or something) - and these are brand new newly-opened discs. They smell better after using/burning and after a bit of exposure to the air outside of the spindle. And yes the smell does linger.

Burns and scans with each and every one is fine though. :wink: So I won’t be really worried unless every one of those smelly discs is a lemon. :slight_smile: I have no clear explanation for it and have shrugged it off as a “manufacturing” by-product.

PS. I’ve also had Prodisc DVDs and CMC CDs that smells too, but I can vaguely remember if those were only of specific batches and not a constant with every spindle I buy.

I remember once i had some princo cd’s that smell really bad (took almost 3 weeks for the smell to be gone), as [B]geno888[/B] said try some other media.