Discs not reading in 107d



I’ve kept this drive because it gives great results on older low quality discs that need recovering, however recently I’ve been finding a great majority of dvds not registering in the drive. Original DVD’s and cd’s play fine but it’s got very fussy on burnt dvd’s, sometimes it can take 20 re-inserts to get a disc to read if at all - but when it does the data transfers excellently, discs that are simply unreadable in my 216 and most other drives.

Any ideas of giving it a clean of some sort or a cable issue maybe? Or should I accept it’s lived it’s life?


mine does that sometime,does not reconize the blank dvd…i have to eject and re-enter the blank dvd to make it reconize.

Strange problem but annoying,if somebody could help fix this problem it would be great.


@ mangomix and/or Rockrtx,

Perchance do you have any Packet Writing software programs similar to InCD, DLA, DirectCD, Drag to Disc, etc or any Virtual Drive software programs similar to Alcohol120%, Daemon Tools, etc installed on your computer? If so suggest fully and completely removing any Packet Writing an/or Virtual Drive software programs and reboot and see if removing these programs correct your problem.



Thanks for the reply, yes I do have some of the mentioned programs installed, I’ll give that a go.


Alas no luck, I’ll try re-installing the system and see if that helps. Would putting older firmware help? I upgraded to the newest one a while back (in 05).


no deamond tool on my machine,only have usb stick that i plug to get photo,programe ect…

The problem for me is when i back up movie with dvdfab platinum,put the movie for ripping then it ask for blank…switch and put blank dvd,then 1/2 the time it work odder half don’t.i have to eject and re-enter the blank dvd.


@ mangomix - Pioneer Firmwares are extremely stable error free Firmwares and reverting backwards to an older out of date obsolete Firmware will not correct your problem.

@ Rockrtx – Your problem certainly sounds like a DVD Media problem. Suggest only using known proven quality error free Media that consistently produces quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden and/or Verbatim Media.



I have use same brand media for tree year ( Sony DVD-R and DvD+R ) with my old LG 4163 and never ad this problem on over 300 movie back up.


@ Rockrtx,

Sorry to disappoint you concerning you ‘Sony DVD±R Media’ but that is a poor choice of Media.

Don’t be fooled by ‘Name Brand’ advertising propaganda. Perhaps it would surprise you that most Sony Branded Media is not manufactured by Sony but is sub-contracted to various Media Manufactures who are not noted for manufacturing quality error free Media. As a matter of fact in many instances Sony Branded Media is the worst DVD Media available. Since Sony is constantly changing Media sub-contractors the quality of the Media varies greatly between the various Media sub-contractors and there is no guarantee that Media package purchased last week will be manufactured by the same Media manufacture who manufactured the Media package purchased this week. Purchasing Sony Branded Media is like playing Russian Roulette – you don’t know what you are actually getting.

Once again suggest only using known proven high quality error free Media that consistently produces quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden and/or Verbatim Media. Taiyo Yuden Media is always manufactured by Taiyo Yuden in their own factories and is probably the best high quality Media available.



Thank Bjkg for good advice on media,i did not know sony was poor quality.

The think i did not find on this site is a LIST of trusted media/poor media.

A list like this could be very helpful for people like me who begin on this site.