Discs freeze at the end of movies

I was wondering if anyone else have this problem after copying bought movies using dvdfab platinum. The movies play all the way through fine until close to the end, then they start freezing and lock up. I’m using high quality taiyo yuden 16x discs. I leave the speed settings on recommended. Do you think the discs are copying at to high a speed. If that is the case, why does it wait til the middle of the movie to start freezing and lock up. I have updated firmware as well. Any ideas.

what do have set for the dvd5 size in settings? lower it to 4300 and the burn speed to 12x try again.



It was set on 4300 and write speeds were set on recommended. But if the write speed got to high, why would only the last part of the movie be freezing and not all of it

I’m also having the same problem.

Try to reduce slightly the burning speed as already suggested. 12x should be fine for a 16x media, but you can give a try also at 8x.

[QUOTE=apollo999;1960301]…why would only the last part of the movie be freezing and not all of it[/QUOTE]

Because the most external part of the disc is the one actually written at higher speed and it’s the one more subjected to rotational unbalancing during the burn (mostly if the disc is a low quality one).