Discs Burned w/2500A Not Readable w/Other Drive and Player

I installed an NEC 2500A burner on Saturday and I am experiencing some problems with the DVD-Rs I have burned.

My previous burner was a Sony DRU-510. I have burned over 100 DVD-Rs with it using DVD Decrypter in ISO write mode or Roxio with Memorex 4x media. All of the DVD-Rs I have burned have been readable in my NEC DV5500A DVD-ROM as well as both of my Sony standalone DVD players.

The six DVD-Rs I have burned so far with the NEC 2500A are not recognized by my NEC DV5500A DVD-ROM or my older Sony standalone DVD player. They will play in the NEC 2500A and my newer Sony standalone DVD player.

What would be different about a DVD-R burned on the NEC 2500A vs. one burned on the Sony DRU-510 drive using the exact same media and software?

If it was a bad burn why would it play in some devices but not others?

Would this be a compatibility problem with the NEC 2500A and the Memorex media or could it be a problem with the drive itself?

I am using the 1.06 firmware that shipped with the drive.

Have you got a PC DVD-ROM that is unable to read these DVD-Rs? Try to load your unreadable disk in such PC DVD-ROM drive and make a “transfer speed test” with Nero CD-DVD Speed or DVDInfoPro and post your results. Do you receive a message regarding “scrambled disk”?

Yes, my PC’s DVD-ROM drive is an NEC DV5500A and it cannot read the DVD-Rs I have burned with the 2500A.

I did not receive a message about a scrambled disk.

If the drive doesn’t recognize the media will I still be able to perform the speed test?

Sorry I’ve misunderstanding you. I’m thinking that your DVD-ROM drive were able to detect the DVD-R but unable to read it! At what speed have you burned them? What is the Media ID code of your Memorex DVD-R? You can see it using DVDInfoPro (you need to use the NEC 2500 since DVD-ROM are unable to retrieve the Media ID)

I am burning at 4x.

The media code is: CMC MAG. AF1

I’ve burned a lot of Memorex CMC Mag at 4x without problems (good Nero CD-DVD Speed curve). Have you flashed your drive with a Windows Flasher? Do you have ASPI layer installed in your system? Try to disable the Intel Application Acceleration (if you have P4).