Discs arent not recognized when running NERO cd test



I recently reinstalled windows xp and put in a new BenQ 1620 (for a total of 4 dvd burners in my tower) and now when running cd/dvd test (disc quality), if I put a disc into any drive while its running the disc is not recognized. It shows in MY Computer as the drive being empty and autorun is obviously gone.
Has anyone else run into and/or fixed this problem? :confused:




How did you solve your issue?
Detailing the fix could help other community members in the future. :slight_smile:


Actually I didnt solve it. I though I had be getting another (same) DL of the cd test.exe but its still happening. Anyone REALLY solve this? :confused:


Sorry about the spelling above here, too late for the edit button now so I cant fix it. :smiley:
What I’m saying is, I thought that by getting another .exe of cd speed fixed it, but now, in the morning after, it still does the “ignoring” of my disc when “cd-dvd speed” is running a quality check.


Sounds like it could be a configuration/IDE drive issue.
Try different IDE drivers.


From where? The only ones Ive ever used are the ones in Windows XP. I have an ABIT AI7 Motherboard, not a nForce or anything. Is there other drivers? Do I need a driver for my SATA HD?