Discrepancies between review and my experience with 32123S...read here



Hey all!

So far I've been really getting into the ins and outs of cdrom technologies...with what drive supports what, what cdrom reads this and that, and so forth. Anyways, I've experienced a couple things differently than the official review for the LTE-32123S CDRW drive.

Okay...first I think it was OC-Freak (the admin here?) which did the initial review for the drive. It was quite good however I've noticed a couple things different with my drive. First off, I created a Test DAE disc (from Nero's CD Speed) to test the reading abilities of various CDRoms. When i created on some old POS 12x SCSI burner at work, it burned it no problem. When I created one at home on my LiteOn, it said it didn't support writing CD Text. :Z The review says CD Text works great. Wierd crap.

The next discrepancy which worked in my favor is the one about the drive's ability to read the Lead Out. This one reads the Lead In, Lead Out, CD Text, and the Subchannel Data...all that damn sh*t. :slight_smile:

For all your information, I also tested two CDRoms I had available to me. I used this DAE test disc and found that my Mitsumi 48X reads VERY slow, however with ZERO errors. The Sony 52X which reads FAST comes up with damn near a million errors. The drive rating the Mitsumi got was 100. The Sony got a 31.2. That's banged up...I thought Sony was good. This 52X was running at its default 40x speed. I guess you have to press the eject button for five seconds to get it to go to 52X speeds. :Z :Z

My LiteOn is using firmware XSOU...that's what it came with. I don't know if its good or bad or indifferent. If anyone has any other thoughts and experiences, I'd be interested to hear it.


Strange… I also have the 32123S, and I burned a NERO DAE test disk with no problems.

When reading the DAE test disk, my 32123S does it with zero errors, but my LTD163 gives some errors, but not a large amount.

And yes, I also noticed that it could read into the leadin and leadout. I’m running the latest firmware XSOX. I think the early firmware would not allow reading from the leadin and leadout, and that was the version OCF tested.

I would like for the drive with the latest firmware be given a shot at trying to read protected audio.


CD-Speed is buggy, you may get problems with IDE drivers that do not come from microsoft (built in os). You may get strange messages like cd-text is not supported and such in CD-Speed.

I used XS0F firmware (the newest at the review time) which didn’t allow reading from lead out. Fixed with later firmware versions :cool:

And there is a newer and better XS0X firmware verion out now :wink: