Discounted DVD's - Free Shipping - AND 20% Off!

Yo- - has a large selection of discounted DVD’s with free shipping and 20% off good until 11/18 using coupon code OAKLAND - making their already great prices even greater and just in time for your holiday shopping-eh!

(really surprised that chas0039 didn’t post this before I did)

Thanking ya kindly sir. Found a hard to find movie on there that I have been looking for, for a while. It was dirt cheap as promised. :wink:

Check out
They have 100s of DVDs on sale up to 50% off (as low as around US$6) now.
Over $25, free shipping.

Not on the rare ones. I did find the same one that I bought from discount DVD but it ended up being about $1-$2 cheaper from discount.


Have been buying from Deep Discount DVD for the past several years (originally turned onto the site by chas0039) and have found things like ‘Birth Of A Nation’ (1916 version) for like $5 shipped - so they have stuff that I have not been able to find at other online DVD stores-eh!

Very nice deal for those old movies.

Yup. $7.18 shipped for mine.

thanks bigmike! I got some xmas shopping out of the way…5 classics and 1 new release for under $50 shipped :cool:

I’ve been shopping at DDD for over 3 years. They don’t have the fastest shipping, but aside from that I’ve had nothing but great experiences in many, many transactions.

I haven’t bought anything from since 2001 due to their poor packaging practices. Nearly every order I placed ended up with at least one damaged item. I called them on it everytime, but it didn’t do any good. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I bought a rare $75 book and they threw it in a box with one bubble air pocket. They have some great deals from time to time, but I’ve managed to maintain my boycott for 5 years. :slight_smile:

Yep, shipping is slow but worth the extra week to 10 days.


Now my shipping experience with DDD has been next day or the day after at most - unless it has a future release date - and even then - mine was shipped three days before the official release date - now that being said - the shipping is by USPS - who have managed to figure out ways to extend shipping to 10 days from shore to shore-eh!

I don’t know if you guys have a Walmart near you but the one near me always has DVDs old and new for 2 for 11.00USD. I have found some great titles. Granted there are no new releases but even those are 14.99USD a week after they are released. :iagree:

Yeah, but definitely not the hard to find stuff. I have been Wal-Mart locations in a few different states and not one has had any of the titles that I am looking for.

Yo Jester-

Excellent point - never fails to amaze me the scope of inventory that DDD has access to-eh!

They had some good titles, but did not have “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster (they had the poster though) or “Freebie and The Bean”. Thanks for the tip saved some money

just to let everyone know, they will only let you use the code on one order, so make sure you don’t forget a movie like I did :doh: (although their prices are so low, its still a good deal even without the extra 20%)

Just had my first problem with DD. You cannot cancel an order period. And they last screen that flashes up after submit order may be different than your final checkout screen, By $24 in my case. I will keep all of you posted on this, but charging a different amount than what is on your final check out screen after signing in is not good at all folks. :disagree: :a

This problen is going from bad to worse. They listed the correct amount online an then added $19 to my charge after I complained about the pop up screen being wrong after completeing my checkout. Very strange. Since they have stopped answering my e-mail, it is time to notify credit card company and try a return for a full refund and credit. If I ever get the stuff. Plus one item is on back order, which means this could drag out until Jan. Their prices were great, but the service is just not right. I cannot reccommend this place to anyone. :a :a :a :a :a I was a steady customer, but I guess they have more customers than they need and can be non responsive on serious issues. Credit card charges are not up for negotiation.
$19 means nothing to me but it does several times over for other customers who may be in the same fix. If the Charges are wrong you need to be able to cancel the order in the same hour you made the order. :a

PS/ $1.88 DVDs at Walmart on black Friday.

wow, I’m impressed, I ordered some movies before thanksgiving and they never came, so I emailed DDD last week and they verified their shipto address and they said to give it another week. I emailed them again yesterday and this morning they replied saying they have reshipped my entire order :cool: (hopefully they send a bill to the USPS :bigsmile: )

I’ll definately be a repeat coustomer (no more free shipping for me tho :disagree: these dvds were xmas presents :frowning: )