Discount coupon

Together with Slysoft we can now announce that by using the coupon code / promotion code: ‘cdfreaks’ you can receive the following discounts:

Product Coupon value
single license bundle $39 5.00 US$
2 license bundle $59 10.00 US$
3 license bundle $78 15.00 US$
4 license bundle $95 20.00 US$

For example: The regular price of the 3 license bundle “AnyDVD + CloneDVD + CloneCD” is 78.00 US$. After using the coupon the remaining amount will be 63.00 US$. The big bundle with all 4 products is 75$ instead of 95$.

The code is valid till the 24th of July 2006.

grab a couple more codes while you’re at it

If I were you I would grap them all.

I have them all already. I actually have around 5 different dvd backup programs. One was given to me for doing support 2 are free and these on here.

Great may be that why you’re staunch defender of “Slysoft” products.

Yea could be, depends on your defining of "staunch defender. LOL Had to look it up myself. I look at it this way there is nothing ever 100% so various programs are useful if needed. Anydvd I recomend to everyone.

be careful least you get accused of being an agent of SS :flower:

hey doc
is that a SS pay stub I see over there under your reg files??? :bigsmile:

Doc (Agent of SS)
adding this to your thread
its an offer you cant refuse


If so I’d be honor to represent such a great company… Ok yea I know what you mean though.

Now valid till the 31st kewl that’s a few days longer for the new users.

Great i have buy just now.


What’s is so special with this offer? Everyone that visits the homepage of Slysoft can get the discount. Even some more days than this “special” offer…

If a person does a googlr search or whatever search for that matter cdfreaks page comes up alot on the search engines so a new person could see this.

plus cdfreaks gets some kind of credit if you use the cdfreaks discount coupon.

it’s the same as the deal on the slysoft site, but we might as well use this one until it expires since it benefits cdf.

I thought the “birthday” code was nice being it gave you extra time to think about it and make sure it was what you wanted, however I’ll use the cdfreaks code to help our site get the recognition it deserves. This site does so much for us why not give back what we can!

The codes are all invlid now due to the date.

Maybe SS should give cdf a permanent coupon


If they’ve always got some kind of discount in action it wouldn’t hurt them any to have a permanant coupon for us.