Disconnecting Internet only way to stop pirates

I just posted the article Disconnecting Internet only way to stop pirates.

As copyright groups turn towards ISPs to send out warning letters to alleged music and movie pirates, a recent legal study finds that the letters aren’t enough to convince them to stop sharing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16045-Disconnecting-Internet-only-way-to-stop-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16045-Disconnecting-Internet-only-way-to-stop-pirates.html)

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Disconnection will definately stop piracy. It’s not like a pirate can just put copyrighted works on removable storage devices and share them…oh wait! FAIL!

yeah thats something people should start doing, Mail everything, if that was done on top if downloading i would then love to see what they would think of to stop that.

just ad another thought, i know of only one way to stop anything no matter the subject. Death. so unless that was done it will never ever ever end. You should find a comprimize a solution everyone can be happy with. Greed distroys all but you find the balance you then have harmony.

Take your mailbox away. :smiley:

Hmmm, dont joke around. It could be a futre law, where file sharers get the death penalty!!!

there is 2 many ways to access the internet these days. so lets get real the RIAA is fighting a looseing battle they should GIVE UP no way are they gonna stop people from sharing files. it’s simple transfur the file to a memory card then mail it to a friend who does have internet connections. like i said the RIAA should just GIVE UP.they not gonna win

So… it’s a case of all P2P users are guilty of sharing copyrighted file content?? Illogical Captain! What’s the next level of censorship, no FTP allowed? Hmmm… as above.

Mail… that’s how it used to be done
Before fast internet connections there used to be tape trading groups… all the same stuff… although mainly movies… allthough I still remember bootleg record stores…
Piracy has always been around in some form… Some of the best customers out there are “try before you buy” customers… I’ve known many who will download a pirated copy of a movie until it becomes available to buy… the studios waste more money fighting it than what they would gain if they just let it be… Apparently they just need something to write off… what about the MPAA or RIAA employees that would be out jobs if they quit?
Are those employees profiting from piracy?

It’s a complete waste of time and money if you ask me…

Why should ISP’s be in the business of protecting the RIAA or MPAA’s profits. I dont want my internet bill going up over the cost of generating millions of letters and handling related phone calls. Screw Hollywood. Perhaps these organizations should take a close look at the perception consumers have of them and do something to build bridges rather that threatening and educating like a bunch of pompus asses.

If I’m not mistaken, by utilizing the mail service, then a person would open another can of worms (or an old one) that has the trafficing of stolen properties across state lines. Not sure, but that may be a felony, or at least some sort of Federal statute would come in to play…

what we need to do is use the law in our favor, PRIVACY P2P should be encypted using cercificates, there is a peer to peer i heard of trying to do this it in end will act like the my space of P2P RIAA or MPAA would not be allowed to crack your encryption, if they did they legally would be no better off then you, so you could conter sue them what they sue you for, making it point less. So encryptions the answer, then they cant do squat!

Send your illegal warez via US Mail. Help keep them afloat in this email age. Fear the FBI and racketeering charges.

I received a letter from my cable internet company back in January, for something I’d done a few months earlier. Scared the bejeebus out of me. Also pissed me off, because I got nailed for torrenting an episode of Stargate Atlantis, due to having missed it Friday night and the complete lack of repeats or SciFi.com availability. Nail me for something legitimate, I won’t deny there wasn’t something else there to get me on, but for being a loyal fan?

Did it affect my torrenting? When the letter says I’ll be cut off if I’m caught just once more (two strikes you’re out!), you bet your bippy.

If my ISP cuts me off then I’ll just go to the competition.

the problem with competition is when there is none, i only have 1 choice and i wish there was more.

Cancel your service, set it back up under someone elses name… they don’t require that much info, and if it’s another member of your current household even better… there’s always another way to get service… be creative

you are write i live where the only way to get the internet is through AT&T the only other way would be to go with a BroadBand pc card from my celluler carrier. however i really don’t see the ISP componeys disconnecting all the millions of internet subcribers wherther it’s cable, satellite internet, or DSL. the componeys would then put thereselves out of business i just don’t see that happening so RIAA go F*** yourself. and leave the people alone. you’ll should be doing something about all the Illegles over here in the usa.

And if it happens cancel your service with AT&T, you can then start new service with them under another name, it’s not that difficult, you also have the option of cellular broadband PC card (mine works just fine for downloading) & Direct TV offers Broadband internet as well… none of that matters though because if you cancel service with AT&T there is nothing stopping you from opening a new account, you can use your spouses name, kids name, friends name, aother family members name (with permission of course), they are not going to block by address, just by account… if the account is closed there is nothing more to block. Believe me there will be ways to get around it… and they will never be able to stop it (downloading).
I am not sure but I read somewhere last night about a new feature to the Opera webbrowser that allows downloading direct from one PC to another… not sure if this is going to make a difference or not but if your skipping the middle man it should allow people to share files with one another quite easily… if they are encrypted it seems that would be even more secure… I don’t know if any of this is possible, but it was one of the first things that came to mind reading the article… but it just feeds the fire even more to the fact it will continue no matter what…

The second they shut off my internet after I download a legitimate steam, D2D, or GOG game, iTunes mp3 file, movie rental, etc. That’s the day I single handedly take over the entire internet on the whole earth and unlock the bandwidth and make it free for everyone from then on with my awesome hack I have been working on my entire life since I first cracked a commodore64 game on floppy disk.

Death Penalty? That reminds me to a certain passage on the album Joe’s Garage from Frank Zappa…
On this album the central scrutinizer monitors everybodies activities. Will the ISP’s be the new central scrutinizers?