Discoloration/streaking; PLEASE HELP!

I am a collector of recorded media (i.e. old T.V. shows, music, etc…), and have become very obsessed over flaws on the recorded side of the CDs and DVDs that I purchase.

When I first obtain the item, I open it and inspect the disc under light to make sure there aren’t any flaws, scratches, etc. I have noticed that occasionally I will find discs that have either a streak, discoloration, or some bizarre looking flaw. The discs play ok, but I am just concerned that down the road, they may not hold up.

Is this something I should be concerned about? I really hope someone here can help me answer this. I’d rather just leave well enough alone and not worry about it. But I often times find myself back at Borders or wherever replacing something that truly may not even need replacing!!! -Chris

You seem to be a very conscientious collector then :slight_smile:
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Note that pressed CDs/DVDs will hold up MUCH better than any recordable media in most cases.
But discoloration or visible ‘streaking’ on media is definitely something that could cause troubles down the road.
This is what makes backing up your collection so important! Do you back up your discs?

I have two DVDs with the weird discoloration you described. One of them is DVD-Audio and plays perfectly (I am not an audiophile hence not sure about the quality). The only one is a DVD-Video and it only plays halfway.

If you are having issues with the disc and you are still within the return period, I would definitely exchange them.
And again, back up your discs! :slight_smile:

Here’s my story in short…

In 2000, I purchased the eerie, yet masterful classic Fantastic Planet (released thru Anchor Bay Entertainment) brand new. I last watched it about 2-3 years ago and have kept it free of dust and scratches ever since. Well, I’ve been wanting to watch it again for a while now, so I decided to go thru my boxes of films, and happily pulled it out of it’s nest. When I viewed the readable side of the disc, I noticed some “dye streaking”, if you will, underneath the surface of the disc, meaning there’s no way to remove it…which made me a bit concerned as I don’t recall seeing this the last time I played it. Anywho, I played it on my JVC standalone player, and wouldn’t you know… it froze at the 33 minute mark and skipped chapters!! I didn’t lose it yet, so I played it on my Mac Superdrive, and yet again…same problem. Frustrated as ever, I then, as a final resort for hope, I played it on a newer (newer meaning a mere month old) Toshiba machine. Now, it didn’t freeze and stop completely, but it did have some major glitches which are still unacceptable. I went on a mission thru my DVD library to see if I could find any other DVD’s with dye streaking, and low and behold, the only other ones that had it were made by…(drum roll, please)…Anchor Bay Entertainment!! So… I went and played those Anchor Bay DVD’s, Halloween & Army Of Darkness Boomstick Edition, and they did have some very minor glitches, which didn’t bother me whatsoever. I could care less about those, I was much more concerned about the Fantastic Planet DVD as it’s NOW out of print, and I seriously do not want to shell out $50+ on ebay, amazon, etc… just because Anchor Bay uses really crappy DVD’s which deteriorates with age. As pissed off as I was, I called Anchor Bay, left a VM, with no response, of course. I also reported a problem with the disc, letting them know I’ll gladly send them the faulty DVD for a replacement, via their website and still have yet to receive a reply. I haven’t given up on this…I’m giving it just a few more weeks to receive a reply from them, then I’m going to the Better Business Bureau! If you’ve any comments, or similar problems as well, please post! And beware of Anchor Bay DVD’s!! What may cost you $15 initially, may cost you $50+ (used no less!!) to replace later!

just run an error checking prog like nero. if errors are high at the area in question then back it up asap

I’ve lost most of my faith in Optical Storage Disc Technology !

I also thought that pressed DVD/CD would hold up for at least 25 years but aftet I saw what happened with one of my original pressed DVD movie (Cast Away , I don’t own much of DVD originals !) , I’ve been wondering about the effecincy of the format . That movie was purchased in 2001 IIRC and since then I only watched it once and put it back in its amaray case , then a few weeks ago I tried to play it again with both my DVD-RW drives and it had trouble playing with horrible TRT , so I immediately made a backup .

Bottom line is : always back up your important collection not only on one kind of optical media , but preferably three kinds plus other backups on two different HDDs , and even then , you may not be secure :a

My girlfriend has had discs from boxsets screw up.

I simply only trust my burns. I feel that many DVD-ROM are a mixed bag when it comes to longevity so I always back up my stuff.

Writable DVDs are less durable than commercially pressed ones, but well-made phthalocyanine CD-R (and possibly Super Cyanine as well) are expected to last longer than commercially pressed CDs.

YMMV, but still, by all means, make backups!