Discoloration on burnt DVD



Hi i recently got a new dvd rw intalled in my computer for the sam following reasons

I would burn like 4 or 5 dvds that would all come out fine great audio and great picture qaulity but then when i do the next one after that I get this green box in my menu scree and then there is a some discoloration of some sort it looks a little black and white and also has some red and green streaks in the picture as well. Now remeber i did 4 or five before this one that came out perfect. This is the second time this has happened now and i just got a new writer installed its on a dell insprion laptop. I checked the movie on the computer and it plays fine but its when i burnt them to a disc it screws it up iv tried putting it in a different dvd player and even using different brands of cds. The computer has not been moved at all and im using windows dvd maker. Its so bizzare because the first couple I did cam out perfect and then one just screws up. I need help because obviously dell cant any ideas


What burner and brand of media do you use?


Slimtype drives are pretty bad burners.
Slow the burnspeed down and also try to use good quality media, means Verbatim, TY, Ricoh and such.


Agreed with chef - Slimline burners on laptops are AWFUL :doh: if you can, try and burn on full size computer burners, that way you will get better results and better longtivity.

What that sounds like however is a bad “batch” of discs - Where some “faulty” discs were produced as a result of dye imbalance (Correct me if I’m wrong?) Simply throw that disc away and burn a new one - Some of my Maxell RitekF1 have a mysterious blue dye on them which is I think a result of my burner / dye being a little skittish. No serious playback have emerged, only time will tell :slight_smile: