Discoloration of dvd burns

Hi , being an idiot and new to dvd burning, I’m having a failure rate of 25% on my burns. I’m using a lite-on 4x burner, matrix and ritek dvd-r, and Clonedvd2 and also dvd dycrpter and dvd shrink. I have noticed more often than not that my burned discs come out discolored and more often than not they skip. I make sure I defrag regularly sometimes after every burn. Is this a problem with the burner itself and am curious if anyone else has had this problem…It almost looks like that the discs themselves are getting scorched. Thanks

Try burning at 2x. If the disks still have problems, it could be a misalignment or other problem with your burner.

Are these discs discoloured before burning? as some discs (orange tops I believe made it into the market a while ago with faulty surfaces). What do you mean by scorched? Is there any chance you can scan the disc and post it on here as this will help us.

this applies only to noobs, but you do realize that the writing surface does change color after the burn? If the ‘discoloration’ is evenly distributed, it could be normal. on the other hand, isolated dark spots that stand out are a definite problem. ritek is become notorious for these types of quality control problems.

also, lite-ons and dvd-r don’t play nicely together. if you can get your hands on dvd+r, you should see much better results.

thanks for the replies guys. Yes the discoloration is uneven. Alot of times it will appear as dark ring or rings and sometimes milky. I am using ritek and matrizx discs. Could you recommend a good burner to buy and what blank dvds do you recommend. Thanks

What is the model of your burner and what is the media code of your blanks?

The newer Lite-ons have been burning RICOHJPNR01 very well; a lot of the modders in the Lite-on forum use these and specifically write firmware tweaks that enable 8x burning among other things.

I am using a Lite-On SOHW 812s with DVD Shrink , use cheap Princo -R 4x, get good results every time.


sry it took so long to get back…my Lite-on is a 415s…

try the 451@851 mod and use the GSC2 unofficial firmware- great results with quite a few media types

the person who helps me with my computer thinks the burner is bad . So I am going to replace it. Can you recommend a good reliable burner and what mod and firmware that I should use.And should I use +r or -r. Thanks alot for your patience and help.

Its all down to what you want but most people recommend either a lite-on, NEC or pioneer. These are all about the same price for the new dual layer burners. I personally own a pioneer and I’m well pleased with it the only downside is that there is no bit-setting support for these drives yet.

Hi Boomer 123 , don’t just give up on your 451 just yet, look around in the LiteOn Forum and try some different Firmware and some good quality + R media like Ricoh, Mitsubishi or Taiyo Yuden, the best thing to do is go to the Media Forum and have a look at the DVD Media tests and find out what media other members are using and having good results with there 451. also try your burner in another computer, maybe there is something in your computer, or software that is causing the bad burns ??? if it’s the computer of software that is causing the bad burns, even if you get a new burner you will still be having problems. :cool:

Your burner isn’t bad.
Its to do with the “buffer”. I take it the “rings” are mostly in the center of the disc?
This is caused by the writer slowing down so the buffer doesn’t run dry. Unless you have a very powerful machine, stop doing anything else while burning DVDs. You could try doing some tests burning “on-the-fly” and see if that helps.
I never, unless I can’t help it, make an image file…I always burn on-the-fly at 4 speed.
I’ve even managed to do 8 speed on-the-fly…JUST, but thats another story :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I always make sure that I am not running other programs when I am burning. I was wondering what you would recommend as far as how fast of a processor is recommended …Thanks alot.