Discjuggler Version 4.60.1214 released


will be interested to see if juggler can finally be able to create
multisession dvds probably the only downfall of a supurb burning

this program rocks when burning to mulitple drives.
I have both my benq dw1640’s on the same ide cable and when writing at 8x nero would struggle controlling them together and thus it would take a long time to complete a burn.

Discjuggler is much better at controlling the drives when burning together and its engine seems to be getting some nice pif levels as well.

discjuggler is designed for use by people who duplicate discs and thus there is no point in adding multisession dvds as it would never be used in the disc duplication idustry.

I just got DiscJuggler, it worked for multiple burners where Gear and Nero did not. I just checked the program and there is the option of selecting whether or not to close the disc on the DVD burnig interface - so I would say it supports multisession :wink:

It does rock!

Here is a patch I made some time ago, in case someone needs it:

[Forget about illegal patches. If you like the program, pay to register it. … philamber]

You dont post crack files here
what an idiot