DiscJuggler V3.00.800 released

I just posted the article DiscJuggler V3.00.800 released….

Jop Pannekoek used our newssubmit to tell us:

Padus DiscJuggler version number changed again… There is no update information available.

You can download DiscJuggler v3.00.800 here…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1532-DiscJuggler-V3_00_800-released___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1532-DiscJuggler-V3_00_800-released___.html)

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Thanx for info. But it needs a little correction: it is not v3.00.800 but v3.00.780.

Here’s update info: V3.00.780: Minor update Added the option to burn a shorter (30 sec. instead of 90 sec.) lead-out when recording in RAW mode. This will effectively increase the available storage space on the blank disc of 1 min. Fixed a problem that would cut off the last 2 seconds of each song when duplicating a disc without gaps between songs and the “scan gaps and indexes” advanced option was not selected. Added support for latest generation of 20X and 24X CD recorders Removed support for “gracenote” CDDB. Now DiscJuggler uses only “freedb” CDDB sites. Added support for local CDDB data-bases: a freedb data-base can now be downloaded and saved to a local hard-drive to speed up CDDB resolution. Added support for Primera Composer and LSK DiscJet autoloaders Added a “Print only” task that combined with an autoloader and a CD printer can automatically print multiple CDs at once in fully unattended mode. Fixed a problem with the Nistec ALW-501 where the batch mode (mix and match master and blank discs) would randomly fail. Added a “Reverse print CD sequence” to force DiscJuggler to print a CD before recording it. This will allow compatible autoloaders to fully support credit card CDs.

This is lovely ofcours, but can anybody explain to me why I should even consider this software whilst I’m already owning Nero Burning Rom and CloneCD.

@iMAGiNE: Thanks for the info! @Robin_Hood: Is has support for DreamCast (.CDI) images which you can download on several FTP’s :slight_smile: