DiscJuggler + SD 2 on Plex Premium



Hi all,

i have try to backup a CD with Safedisc 2.7 protection.

My configuration is :
Athlon 1.4
Plextor Premium #TLA 0000 FW1.3
DiscJuggler 4.10.1084

Reading options (CD image) :

  • Scan Gaps / indexes : ON
  • Ignore read errors : ON
  • RAW Read : ON
  • DAE Jitter correction : Native.
  • Read : x8
  • All others options are default or OFF.

Writing options :

  • RAW write : ON
  • Speed x8

Writing options questions :
1 - Do i need to change something in : “Suggested format for unrrecognized image” (the default is MODE : AUDIO, TOC : CD-DA …

2- By default, the option : ADD POST GAP To 3rd party images is : ON, do i need to uncheck this default option ? what that make ?

3- After a backup try, the CD work fine in 3 differents CD-ROM, but i need to make an ATIP check : OFF with plextools otherwise the SD protection ask the CD when i try to play in the Plextor Premium. There is nothing to do with the ATIP check for i dont need to set him OFF ? … i think the reply is no but if someone know others tips.

Thanks for the reply (and sorry about my bad inglish :stuck_out_tongue: ).

C U, Zeck.


1 & 2 - Since you’re using dj to read and write, don’t worry about these settings.

3 - Not sure I fully understand your question. However, if you’re playing the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom you don’t need an atip hiding utility but if you’re playing from a writer you do need one.


Thanks you Philamber,

You know if there is a way for i can HIDE ATIP check (for i can play my game in my CD-RW Plextor Premium) by changing a setting in my windows Base registry ? (regedit).

Ho yes … i mean without installing 3rd program like Blindwrite or Virtual DAEMON … simply using the base register setting like ATIP = OFF or something ?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:



Originally posted by ZeCk
1 - Do i need to change something in : “Suggested format for unrrecognized image” (the default is MODE : AUDIO, TOC : CD-DA …

I still haven’t figured this out, but this has to be the one section that customers are most confused over. This is only utilized when our software is unable to recognize the image format. If the format is BIN+CUE, CDI, ISO, or NRG it is going to be recognized. In some cases it could be used to force a BIN file to be recorded correctly if the CUE file was not present as long as you knew the TOC information. For the most part it should never have to be used.

Maybe I should put flashing red letters in our manual about that section. Well then no one should see it, so I guess we should just put huge flashing letters in that section of DiscJuggler itself.



Thanks Joel :@]