Discjuggler Question

Can anyone help me . is it possible to create
multisession dvds with juggler , I can import the
previous session however when I try to add data to
the disc I always get error messages . it may be the way
I have it setup does anyone know the coorect setting to use
I am at my wits end have tried everthing . am using
pro2 1150 version. any help would be appreciated

a big NO. not multisession DVDs. only CDs. yes i KNOW the help file says it is possible and it even has a “how to”, but the lying bastards at Padus responded to my email re: multisession dvds saying the current version does not support it. uninstall DJ is all i can suggest; user-hostile POS that it is. a simple dvd multisession creator is ht fireman. and its free

Thanks for the info I will surely uninstall juggler as it
is basically useless to me now and will try your suggestion