Discjuggler question about DVD video

Can DJ be used to write a compatible DVD movie, and what settings are to be used?


Hello BioMaster.

I assume that you already have the DVD Video authored (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS already generated). If so, my answer will depend on the source from where you received the authored DVD Video files. Could you please provide more details regarding this?

Thank you.

While you’re at it, Joel,can you explain how to use the software to burn a DVD disc. IMHO,it’s a bit confusing,a pictorial guide would be greatly appreciated,my .VOB files are encoded from DVD2One…:bow:

IMGTools then burn with DJ normally.


Hi Ruffrob.

That is something I’ve done myself. You just open the task “Create new DVDs” and drag and drop the VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS, and related directories onto the disc layout. Default configuration options are what you want to have. As long as the playback device can read the media you are using, you should experience no unwelcome issues.

Let me know if you see otherwise.