DiscJuggler now supports RAW DAO

I just posted the article DiscJuggler now supports RAW DAO….

Submitted by: RISC
Source: http://www.padus.com

Padus, the makers of Disc Juggler (once a very poplair burning tool) have been working on their software and it now supports RAW DAO. This to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/729-DiscJuggler-now-supports-RAW-DAO___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/729-DiscJuggler-now-supports-RAW-DAO___.html)

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Sounds very interesting, it would be very interesting to see how good it really is !!!

Blind write made a same claim, but when the going got though the Blind Write went home!!! The new game GP3 rings a bell ?! It takes a lot more than fancy big claims to compete with Clone. Clone has already proved it self, time and again.

It seems I am the first one to post. Wow like, Big F…ing Deal man!!! I should go celebrate now ha, Get a life man! Get the point! acting foolish ain’t fun for ever!

a working link to d/l the tower edition would be nice, o yeah a working s/n that has been tested.

any full version?
not works with serial… :wink:

Go here for the new version


About DJ3…kickass, but i will keep usin CloneCD so who gives

Well I put the link there just incase there are some peeps who might be interested in trying this software, as CloneCD may not fully support their system. SO KEEP YER COMMENTS TO YERSELF Koekie(what sort of sad name is that?)

Thanks Interceptor!

Where’s Vinny?

Right over here

hmm no s/n as yet to activate the full write speed of yer recorder. At the mo u are limited to x1 write. I am on the case ok

b.t.w a friend and me have our own message board now, we offer all kinds of help to all users, which includes searching for requests. You no what I mean

let me know if you are interested ok

send me an e-mail (foxed@bigfoot.com)
icq 43265894

I am a registerd supporter of CloneCD and have been using it regularly but I still would like to give this DJ3 a try to see how good it really is. I fully agree with you interceptor. For what its worth thanks for the link!

That’s my opinion too! Everyone is entitled to choose their own burning progz. Although Clonecd is very, very good, some people prefer another approach and would go for Paddus.

Take a little time but I got it !

Serial + Crack to the unlimited version !
Click on Appz, then burning and you will find the english burning section !

CU !


WebMaster/Burning Section Leader @ www.filez4u.w3.to

This has nothing to do with discjuggler ok. I actually need a little help.

I have a prg callded Winram Booster Pro 2K PLUS 3.11.01.

The reg crack for v3.11.0 does not work with this version, and so far no-one has released a crack for the new version I have tried to track down v3.11.0 program as I have the regcrack, but it cant be found. A link for this version would be appreciated, as would a working crack for Lockdown 2000 v7.002

DJ is a nice program, simple and plenty of things to keep me happy. although CloneCd will still be better, even though it is buggy as shit now.

Leave Vinny alone he hasnt done crap, he just loves the site and reads everything just when its been posted. (s)he is just a very dedicated fan of CDFreaks !. also i think it was other ppl who started the thing to post first, not him/her

reliable and MUCH cheaper than clonecd